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Why do steam mops make a clicking noise?

Steam mops are becoming increasingly popular to quickly keep our homes clean and our floors sparkling. You may have noticed a clicking noise when using the appliance. If you were not familiar with this or wanted to know what this is, then we’ve got you covered. In this article we look at why steam mops make a clicking noise. 

The science behind steam mops

Firstly, we need to understand how steam mops work to understand why they make a clicking noise. Steam mops generate the steam by heating water inside the tank to a high temperature. This steam can exit the mop via the floor head or chosen accessories to clean the desired area. 


Expansion and contraction

Whilst it heats up to produce steam inside, the internal components begin to expand as a result of the increased heat. When it cools down and the temperature drops, the components contract the other way. 

The clicking noise explained 

So why does this create a clicking noise? When the components expand, they can move inside the unit and may knock into each other. They may even shift slightly against the casing too. This movement can create the clicking sound we are familiar with. It can happen during heating up and the steaming process. The noise can also happen when the heating element switches on and off. 

The after-effect of cooling down 

Once the steam mop has been used to clean, the clicking noise is may remain for a bit longer. This is because when the appliance begins to cool then the internal components will contract to their starting positions which can create also clicking sound. 

Does this noise indicate a problem? 

The clicking noise itself is usually expected behaviour of the steam mop and not something to be concerned about. If you find that there is a noise but not steam then this could indicate a minor blockage, whether debris or slight air blockage.  

To rectify this, switch the appliance off and allow it to cool. Then, gently shake the water tank for a few seconds. Switch back on and try again. This may vary depending on your model so check your specifications or any troubleshooting in the manual first. 



The clicking noise experienced with steam mops is nothing to worry about and is usually a sign of normal operation of your appliance. For more information about your specific model, we recommend consulting your user manual or contacting the relevant support team. 

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