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Vacuum Support: How to solve vacuum suction issues

The vacuum cleaner is an important appliance in the home for keeping things clean and tidy. You may find times when the vacuum is not suctioning as strong as it used to be. Don’t worry, this can be solved with some simple support steps. 

Vacuum suction varies 

It is important to note that vacuum suction power can vary depending on the size and power of the vacuum. Some vacuums are designed for certain surfaces, so check the product information to ensure it is suitable for the type of flooring you are cleaning. 

Try different suction settings 

Firstly, we recommend checking the vacuum for any suction settings. This may be a button or an adjustable slider on the floorhead. Try different settings and adjust to your preference.  

Inspect the assembly 

The next step is checking that it is correctly assembled. This means ensuring that all parts are slotting in securely together. If there are gaps on the vacuum, air can escape and disrupt the air flow. You can check this by following any directional arrows or lock symbols found on areas, such as the dust container. 

Clean the filter 

If the vacuum uses a filter, you should check for dirt and debris as dirt will disrupt the air flow. To resolve this, remove the filter and clean following the instructions found in your user manual. In most cases the filter can be rinsed under running water to clean and then dried thoroughly before refitting. You should clean the filter regularly to prevent excessive build ups. If necessary, you may need to replace the filter it is has worn down through usage. 

Remove any blockages 

Suction issues also occur because of blockages. We recommend disassembling the product, wiping down, checking for blockages, refitting, and trying again. If the vacuum has a floor head with a roller brush bar, then you should check this for any trapped hair or dirt and remove, if necessary, as this can disrupt operation. 

Consider attachment issues 

If you find the issue only occurs on certain attachments, then check again that these are securely fitted. If the issue remains, it may mean that you need to replace a certain attachment to resume normal operation of the vacuum. 

Support summary 

By carrying out these simple steps, you can solve suction issues in no time. For more information, please refer to your user manual or consult the relevant support team. 

You can also view our video on how to solve suction issues on your vacuum below!