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Product details

  • Brand: Servis
  • Catalogue number: 476/5774
  • Manufacturer's number: C60185NFTG

Servis Support

UK: Eire:
0333 5777 232 +44 333 5777 232
Mon-Fri: Sat-Sun:
9am to 6pm Closed

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When you receive your fridge freezer, it is important to leave it to stand for 4 hours prior to plugging it in, this is to allow the compressor oil to settle within the appliance. You should then ideally wait 24 hours before putting food into it.

Please ensure that the drain hole is clear and free from obstructions such as food or packaging. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the product helpline found on the right hand side of this page.

Please ensure you regulalry clean and defrost your freezer, this in most cases will prevent the build up of ice. Should you have left the door open for a prolonged amount of time, this will also cause a build up of ice. In this case, please follow the defrosting instructions from withion your instruction manual.

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  • Food Storage Advice & Guidance

  • Installing your fridge

  • Fridge/Freezer Maintenance

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  • Tips and Tricks

  • Important Information

  • How to Check Door Seals

  • Understanding and Maintaining a Frost Free Fridge

  • Performing Maintenance on a Fridge Water Dispenser

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Returns policy

If you need advice or support for your product, please in the first instance contact the support provider using the number on this support page.

If you still need to return your product then please visit our most up to date returns policy here.