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Xbox Series S & X: Solving controller connection issues

Gaming with your friends is a fun way to unwind in the evening. If you experience your controller disconnecting or not connecting properly on your Xbox, it can make it difficult to game. In this article we show some ways to easily solve controller connection issues on your Xbox Series S or X console. 

Have you tried new batteries?

If you’re using a standard controller, the first thing to try is new batteries. Your controller may be disconnecting if the battery life has depleted. If you are using rechargeable batteries, try recharging the batteries or trying a different brand of batteries to get your controller up and running. 

If your controller is rechargeable, try recharging it to a full charge to see if this resolves the issue for you. 

Is the controller firmware up to date? 

We recommend updating the controller firmware. Out of date firmware can sometimes result in controllers not connecting correctly. To update the firmware, press the Xbox button, enter Profile & System, Settings, Devices & Connections, Controllers & Headsets and choose the desired controller to update. You can then update the controller and test to see if this has resolved the issue for you. 

Has the controller connection been reset?     

You can perform a reset on your controller to reboot it as a quick fix. To do this, press and hold the Xbox button for around 5-10 seconds until the controller turns off. Then wait a 10 seconds and press and hold the Xbox button again to turn it back on. Test the controller to see if this has helped. 

Are you playing too far away from the console? 

Whilst most controllers have a good range for gaming, be sure you are not situated too far away from the console. Generally, the wireless range is under 20 feet away, so try to stay within this range to get a strong connection. 

Similarly, try to avoid gaming with objects in the way of the console. For example, walls and wall dividers can interfere with the signal and reduce the range. 

Is there any wireless interference? 

If your controller and console are close to other devices which are sending signals, it is possible that these can cause interference. You can remedy this by moving the devices away from each other and testing to see if this has resolved it for you. 

Has a power reset been performed? 

You can also perform a power reset on the console to reboot it and restore connectivity. To do this, simply turn off and unplug, wait 30 seconds, then plug back in and turn on. Once on, test the controller again to see if connectivity has reestablished.  

Has a cable been used? 

You may want to try a cabled connection to test to see if this resolves the problem for you. This can be a simple solution if your controller is disconnecting. If your controller uses a wired connection already and disconnected, an alternative cable may be the remedy. 

Still need support?

If the controller still isn’t connecting as you expect, we recommend visiting the support page for your product or contacting the Xbox support team directly. 

For more help with your controller, you can also check out our video on how to fix stick drift by clicking here.