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Why does the standby light flash when the TV is off?

You may have noticed times when the LED standby light on your TV is flashing. Most of the time this is not something to worry about, but the phenomenon can occur for various reasons.  

In this article, we look at common reasons as to why the standby light flashes when the TV is off. 

Power Consumption

Most new smart TVs have standby modes which allow the TV to receive updates and remain connected to the network, even when switched off. As they are still technically operating whilst off, the flashing standby light is an indication that the TV is switched off in the standby mode and is not completely powered down, but still performing an operation in the background. 

Sleep Timer

The standby light can also be an indicator for any sleep timers that have been set. The light may flash to signal that the TV is about to completely switch off from standby. Depending on your model of TV, you should be able to amend the sleep timer in the settings. 

Software Updates

Smart TVs will often search for and install software updates to keep operations smooth. This process can happen whilst the TV is on standby. To indicate this, the standby light may flash. This can be beneficial for smart TV users as it means essential updates are happening when the TV is not on, so when you go to use your TV it has already installed the necessary changes. 

Remote Control Signals

Sometimes, even if the TV is turned off, the TV can still receive signals from your remote control. For example, if you press a button the standby light will flash to indicate it has received a signal. Of course, if the TV isn’t actually on it is unlikely to perform these commands, but it lets you know it is ready to receive the commands once switched back on. 

Network Connectivity

Smart TVs normally stay connected to the internet in one way or another, even if in standby mode. The standby light may flash to indicate it is connected to the internet, or has disconnected and is reconnecting. 

Standby Indicator

For some TVs, the flashing standby light is purely an indicator to let you know the TV is in standby mode. This is great to let you know the TV isn’t completely switched off, so you can easily get it back on with the press of a button.  

Indication of an issue 

If the lights are flashing but the TV is not turning on, this can indicate a possible issue with the TV.  

In these scenarios, we recommend disconnecting the TV from power, holding down the manual button on the TV for 10 seconds, plugging it back in, and trying again. If this fails, it is best to contact the relevant support team or consult your user manual for further guidance. 


There are many reasons why the standby light may flash. These can vary from model to model, so to fully understand why the light is flashing we recommend consulting your user manual or contacting the relevant support team. By understanding the reasons behind the light, it can make you more familiar with your TV’s behaviour and the way in which it operates. 

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