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What is low power mode?

In a world where smartphones have almost become a necessity and allow us to connect with the world, receiving a low battery notification can be sigh-inducing. Luckily, most smart technology has an inbuilt low-power mode to save the day. If you’re not familiar with this setting, don’t worry, in this article we will provide an overview of lower power mode. 

What is low power mode?

Low power mode is a smartphone’s built-in power saving mode. When it is activated or turned on, it optimises the phone’s performance to reduce energy saving processes to save the battery. It is usually found in the settings menu on your phone, or if your phone detects a low battery it may alert you with a notification to turn the setting on. 

How does low power mode work?

So, how exactly does it work? Low power mode reduces the energy uses by controlling the key components of your smartphone. This means that it slows down internal processing (the CPU and GPU, which run the processes in the phone). In effect, it reduces the amount of energy that these processes use. 

Low power mode also dims the screen slightly, reducing the amount of energy used to light up the display. It can sometimes alter the resolution too. Whilst this may not be as bright and colourful, by changing the display through this mode it can conserve the energy on your phone much easier. 

This mode also limits background activity, such as data syncing and apps refreshing. This means that your phone will only run the functions that it needs to unless you have selected otherwise. This also helps to reduce the strain on the battery. 

What are the benefits of this mode?

A benefit of using this mode is that you can go on longer day trips without needing to charge your phone as much. This reduces the stress and means you are able to continue capturing photos, videos, and memories all day long. 

This is also important if you are in situations where you may need to contact someone for an emergency or find directions. Low power mode means you can stay connected with ease. 

By conserving energy, it means you do not need to charge your phone as frequently. In effect, it means less energy is used charging your phone. Although it is only a small amount of energy saved, these small habits can be adopted by everyone to reduce energy consumption. 

Tips for smartphone users

Most smartphones will allow you to customise and choose settings within low power mode. You can utilise this to ensure all the essential apps and processes remain when turning on this mode to your preference. 

You should also consider background apps and notifications. If you do not have these turned off by default on your low power mode, try turning them off. Notifications can drain your battery quite quickly, especially if you are already low on power. 


Low power mode is quite the lifesaver for your phone and can keep you connected to the digital world for longer between chargers. For more information for the power saving settings on your smartphone, refer to your user manual.