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What is Game Mode?

If you’ve ever found yourself in the Picture Settings menu on your television, you may have come across something called ‘Game Mode’. This is a setting found on a lot of different televisions and can be a useful setting to become familiar with. 

What is Game Mode?

Game mode is a feature on modern televisions and displays. It works by reducing input lag and streamlining image processing. As a result, it provides a faster, more responsive, experience when playing games and viewing content. 

What are the benefits of using Game Mode?

There are many benefits of using game mode, which is why it is a popular choice amongst viewers. 

  • Reduced Input Lag: Game Mode can reduce the input lag when using game consoles with your television. As a result, this ensures a faster response time between pressing buttons on your controller and how this is displayed on-screen. This makes gaming more enjoyable as actions can be displayed almost immediately. 
  • Enhanced Motion Handling: Game Mode typically improves motion handling on televisions. This means that motion and movement are displayed smoother on-screen. This makes playing fast-paced games or watching fast-paced sporting events, more enjoyable as it is displayed clearly. 
  • Better Picture Quality: This mode also optimises the general picture quality by tweaking settings. This can be done in the way colour contrast is adjusted to give better colour accuracy when viewing. 
  • Immersive Experience: Game mode can help to create an immersive experience when gaming. This is because the settings can minimise lag or blips on the screen. This therefore reduces the possibility of any distractions during gaming so you can be fully immersed in visuals.

When is best to use Game Mode?

As the name suggests, Game Mode is the go-to choice when playing on a game console. This is because the setting helps to reduce the lag and handle the motion to make gaming an enjoyable experience. It is also popular for viewing sports content as it allows viewers to enjoy watching a football game without lag or delay on the screen. 

How can Game Mode be activated on your TV?

The method of turning on Game Mode can vary depending on your model of TV. Typically, it is found within the Picture Settings in the TV’s menu and can be found alongside other popular TV mode choices such as Movie and Natural Mode. We recommend consulting your user manual for the exact location of this setting and if it comes under any other names. 

Are there any disadvantages to using game mode?

Game Mode can sometimes restrict the customisation options for other picture settings. This is because the mode uses specific settings to achieve the results, so adjusting other settings may impact this. This means that selecting this mode may prevent other options from being changed until the mode is turned off. 

This mode can also vary by model and console chosen. This means that there may be times when Game Mode doesn’t give the best results when using a specific TV or console. In these scenarios, it would be best to opt for an alternative picture mode. 


Game Mode can be a real game changer when it comes to the picture quality of your TV. Remember to explore this setting when viewing fast-paced content or playing video games to see if it makes your experience more enjoyable. If it doesn’t give the best results, we recommend trying different picture options to suit your preference. 

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