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Sound Bars: Solving Sound Issues

Sound bars are external speakers you can connect different devices with to enhance the sound. The market for sound bars has grown in the past decade and is expected to increase in the future. They are great additions to the home and many rely on them for increasing the sound experience with their TVs. In this article we have highlighted guidance to try if you are experiencing sound related issues with your sound bar.

Turn the volume up

If you find your sound bar is not producing any sound, the first thing to check would be if the volume has been turned up. This applies to the volume on both the TV and the sound bar itself. Some speakers do not automatically adjust the volume when connected, so it may be that the volume is set to 0 and needs to be changed.

Checking connections

If a cable is slightly loose or twisted at the wrong angle this can disrupt the connection resulting in either a buzzing sound or no sound at all. We recommend disconnecting the cable, checking there is no debris around the port, and reinserting to ensure a secure connection.

Changing to the correct sound bar source

Just like TVs, sound bars will have source settings. Depending on the connection used you will need to change the source to the corresponding input, such as the AUX source. If this isn’t changed then the sound bar may not produce any sound unless it automatically changes. You can find out more about changing the different sources in your user manual.

Adjusting TV settings

If the sound bar is still not producing any sound we would recommend taking a deeper look into the TVs settings. Depending on the connection, there are likely to be corresponding settings. For example, you may need to adjust AUX/headphone settings on a TV for an AUX connection, or adjust the digital output settings for an optical connection. For more information on the different settings for your sound bar always refer to your user manual or relevant support team.

If you are finding your chosen connection method is not working then it is recommended to try connecting a different way. It may be that a certain connection is not compatible between the 2 devices. You can explore our range of sound bars here.