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Solving slow streaming: Troubleshooting tips for your streaming stick

Streaming sticks bring the cinema experience to the home. Whether it’s a romcom, horror or a drama, you can comfortably enjoy the latest films from the sofa. To get the best experience we want the highest quality images and perfect sound. However, the frustration of a slow device or laggy streaming experience can quickly overshadow the joy of accessing your favourite content. In this article we look at some easy ways to solve slow streaming issues on your streaming stick. 

Check the internet connection and Wi-Fi strength 

Slow streaming is often linked to a weak or unstable internet connection. Begin your troubleshooting journey by checking your Wi-Fi signal strength. If there is a large distance between your router and streaming device, you will need to try shortening that space. If possible, move your streaming device closer to the router. At the same time, you should also consider if the router is too close to the device. If the router and device are within a metre of each other, this can disrupt the signal and lead to poor internet connectivity. Another option is investing in a Wi-Fi extender to improve coverage throughout your home. 

Re-establish the connection with a simple router reset

Routers can accumulate temporary glitches over time, affecting the overall performance of your streaming device. A simple yet effective solution is to restart your router. Unplug it, wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This can resolve connectivity issues and provide a fresh start for your streaming experience. 


Consider the Wi-Fi traffic to the router

If you have many devices connected to your router, they can be a strain on your Wi-Fi. You may need to try disconnecting some so you only have a select number of devices connected to the internet. For other devices that are connected, check if they are running any applications or downloading content. If other devices are also streaming or downloading, it can slow down the overall speed and cause all devices on the network to experience a slower connection. 

Close apps 

Depending on the streaming stick you are using, you may have an app still running in the background. Rather than minimising the app, exit and close the app completely to ensure your streaming device can focus on showing you the desired movie instead of trying to keep another movie open in the background.  


Adjust the video quality settings where appropriate

You may find you need to reduce the video quality to stream. This may be the case if your internet speed is still quite slow. The steps to reduce the video quality will vary depending on the device and app being used, but it is normally available in ‘Settings’ for the video being viewed. 

Check for app updates 

Most streaming apps will receive regular updates to ensure the app is performing to its best ability on the different supported devices. Check your device’s settings to see if there are any available updates that need to be installed. If so, continue with the update first before you try streaming again. 

Time to stream! 

By following these simple tips, you can solve issues that may be causing your streaming to slow down. We recommend trying multiple steps so you can stream smoothly. 

For more help and support, visit the support page for the product or consult the support team.