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Smart TVs: Improving Wi-Fi Connectivity

Due to the popularity of smart TVs, streaming films and TV shows has become a common way to relax and unwind. In order to do this successfully we require a stable internet connection and if this fails it can be quite inconvenient. Whilst rebooting your router is considered common knowledge to resolve issues, what else could be causing issues with the internet connectivity?

Firstly, we would recommend checking the correct router has been selected. Although you are likely to recognise your Wi-Fi network when connecting your TV to the internet, you may notice multiple variations of your router with different numbers at the end. If this happens, we would recommend choosing the 2.4Ghz option rather than the 5Ghz option that may appear. This is because smart TVs are not always compatible with the 5Ghz connection so may not always establish a strong connection for internet usage.

It is also important to consider the distance from the router. If the TV is too far from the router it mat struggle to maintain a connection. When the router is far away, the signal will need to travel further and possibility pass through walls, which may block the signal. Similarly, it is important that the TV is not too close to the router. Depending on the positioning near the router, it may be physically blocked by the casing of the TV itself making the signal hard for the TV to read. Equally, it can risk providing too much signal for the TV as well as causing interference and resulting in signal disturbance. In these situations it is recommended to move the router and TV a bit further away from each other.

In the event your TV is in a location that is unsuitable for a wireless connection, you can try using an Ethernet cable. This is a cabled connection that goes straight from your router to your TV. This should enable a straight-forward stable connection and may improve connectivity issues.

If you find that the internet signal drops are happening periodically it is worth checking if you have any devices around that are perhaps turning on during this time, as these may be causing a signal disturbance. If other devices are experiencing the same issue as the TV, then we would recommend speaking to your network provider.

By trying the advice outlined in this article, you may be able to improve your TV’s Wi-Fi connectivity. For guidance on using your smart TVs and internet connectivity refer to your user manual or contact the relevant technical support team. You can browse our range of smart TVs here.