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Remote Controls: Solving Connectivity Issues

Whether you are using a TV, a DVD player or a Hi-Fi system, it is frustrating when a remote isn’t behaving how we want it to. Sometimes certain buttons don’t seem to work or the remote doesn’t appear to be doing anything at all. In this article we have outlined different ways to get your remote working again.

Trying New Batteries

The batteries in the remote should be replaced if you feel the remote is not performing as you would expect. If you find your batteries are not lasting as long as you would expect it is recommended to try an alternative brand or ensure you are using a new battery instead of a rechargeable one to see if this makes a difference. Upon changing the batteries it is always worth checking for any debris in the battery compartment that could be preventing the battery from meeting the remote contacts.

Checking Buttons Aren’t Stuck

If you are finding some buttons don’t appear to be working it is always beneficial to check that they aren’t stuck down. This can be done by simply running your hand across the remote and feeling for any dips in the buttons. You can also wipe it down with a soft cloth or brush, and clear away any debris that may be sticking a button down or possibly preventing a button from pushing down fully.

Performing A Camera Test

You can perform a camera test to see if your remote produces a signal. This is done by pointing your remote at the camera on your phone and pressing buttons to see if a light flashes at the end of the remote. A camera test can allow you to see if the remote is producing an infrared signal. The signal cannot be seen with the naked eye, but the camera can detect this signal and show it to you on-screen. If there is no light, it is likely there is an issue with the remote and you would need to seek a replacement. If a light is showing, then this would indicate the remote is working and the issue may be with the device itself. You can watch our guide on how to perform a camera test here.

Rebooting Your Device

If a camera test indicates the remote is working, or if you are still unsure what is causing the issue, we would always recommend rebooting the device. The best way to perform an effective reboot is by disconnecting your device from mains power and holding down the manual power button on the unit for 10-30 seconds and then turning it back on. Once back on, you can try the remote again, which may now be connecting with the TV.

What if the remote is still not connecting?

If your remote is still not working after trying to reconnect it, it may be best to try another remote or contact the support team for your product for further assistance. Depending on the product you are using, you will normally be able to purchase a replacement remote or alternatively you can try a universal remote and pair it with your device. You can browse our selection of universal remotes here.