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PS4 Controller Not Charging? Try this.

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Try this.  

PlayStation provides one of the best gaming experiences and the PS4 is one of the top consoles currently on the market, so if you have one you know how enjoyable gaming can be. However if something goes wrong it can often spoil your enjoyment. If you’ve been having trouble with your PS4 controllers and found they aren’t charging, there are some solutions you can try to fix this issue. 

Check the Charging Port  

One of the easiest solutions is to check the physical condition of the charging port. Damage can often be caused with frequent use and not proper care of the port and controller. The best thing to do is have a look at it and inside it, check for any obstructions like dirt, dust or small objects. This can sever the connection between the cable and port so clear this out with air spray or give it a clean. If the port looks physically damaged then it might be best to look into replacing the port via repair.   


Check the charging cable 

Another quick solution is to check the cable that you are using to charge. Check for any damage to the cable, make sure there are no wires visible. If you have another controller, try charging it with the cable – if it charges then you know that the cable isn’t at fault. You can also test a different USB cable to see if this charges the controller. 

Resetting PS4 controller 

You can also try resetting the controller as this can often fix the charging issue. To do this, find the small reset hold on the back of the controller under the ‘L2’ button. Place a small pointed object like a cocktail stick or pin and hold down for a few seconds. This has now reset the controller, so plug the charger in and see if this has resolved it. 


Replace the batteries 

Now it is important to note that trying this solution does void your warranty with Sony so please consider this before trying. If you are in doubt contact Sony or your retailer for support on this. As the batteries in PS4 controllers are rechargeable, they can wear down over a long use and affect the life-span. A solution to this would be replacing the battery inside the controller.  

Alternative charging methods 

An alternative solution would be to ditch the cable charging altogether. There are lots of alternatives out there and the best thing to try would be a charging docking station. This will charge the controllers without the use of cables and most on the market will let you charge two controllers at once. Give this a try and it might also resolve the charging issue on your controllers.