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Keyboard or mouse not working? Try this!

Whether you use a classic wired connection or a wireless combination, your keyboard and mouse are essential equipment for your PC. If you’ve ever been in a position where they stop working, you will understand the rush to get them back up and running. In this article we share some simple tips to get them working again. 

Check the physical connections 

Most keyboards or mice will either use a USB cable or a Bluetooth USB receiver into the USB port on a PC. The first place to check is to see if the USB cable/receiver is fully inserted into the port. If not, remove it and push back in so it is flush in the unit. This can help to re-establish connectivity and resolve the issue. 

Try an alternative USB port 

The next thing to try is a different USB port on your PC. Sometimes, just moving to a different port gets things working again. This is a simple yet effective solution. 

Try rebooting your PC 

If trying different USB ports hasn’t rectified the problem, it’s time to try rebooting your PC. You can do this by simply turning off and on or using ‘Restart’ on the unit. It may sound simple, but rebooting the PC can help to reset the connection. It’s the classic “Have you tired turning it off and on again?” sentence but rebooting can help sort out a multitude of misfiring events you may experience with your workstation. 

Check for any driver issues and update 

Another thing to check is the drivers. This is the part of the programming and software which enables the keyboard/mouse to operate the PC. To check this, go into Device Manager on Windows or System Preferences on MacOS. You can see the drivers here. If you click the driver, you may see an option to update or reinstall the driver which can solve communication issues. 

Try a different keyboard or mouse 

It is worth trying a different keyboard or mouse with your PC. Simply plug them into the USB port to see if they work. If they do, it could indicate an issue with the original keyboard and mouse.  

If another set doesn’t work, it could suggest an issue with the PC. You can troubleshoot this with a system restore on the device. 

Try the keyboard or mouse on another PC 

You can try the devices on another PC. If it doesn’t work and the same issue is presented, it would suggest an issue with the keyboard/mouse and the best next step would be to seek a suitable replacement. 

If you find the device works on another PC, we recommend a system restore on your PC. This will vary by operating system but be sure to back up any files or documents you want to keep. 



You can fix many issues with your keyboard or mouse with simple support steps; you can ensure the USB port is secure, try a different USB port, reboot your PC and update the drivers.  

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