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iPhones: What is the Dynamic Island?

When we’re talking about the Dynamic Island, we’re not talking about an exotic getaway, but rather a cool feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and later models of iPhone. In this article we look at what is the Dynamic Island and what it can bring to your iOS experience. 

What is the Dynamic Island?

The Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped area at the top of the iPhone screen around the camera lens. It is visible once the phone it unlocked and can display alerts and activity dependent on the features being used.  

One thing that makes this island so interesting is that it can change shape. For example, a phone call may stretch the island horizontally, whereas an Apple Pay payment will shift into a square. Similarly, some activity tracker tasks may split the island in two, so it becomes 2 smaller pill shapes. 

What benefit does the Dynamic Island bring to using an iPhone?

So, why does this feature even exist? Firstly, it is a unique way of dealing with the problem most phones have of trying to hide the camera. Rather than do this, Apple has blended the camera into the Dynamic Island to create the pill-shaped look.  This makes the island quite cool and quirky. 

It is also beneficial to the user as it can display active tasks being performed, as well as tasks that may be running in the background. For example, if you’re recording a voice memo, you no longer need to open and close the app to check the progress. Instead, you can view the recording status on the Dynamic Island, making it easier for the user. 

Displaying the activity isn’t the only thing this island can do though, as you can interact with the island for more information. For example, for more on the information being displayed, simply touch and hold the activity on the island which will expand for easier viewing. At the same time, you can swipe left or right to switch between different activities which the island may be displaying. 

What features work with the Dynamic Island?

The uses will vary depending on your own preference and the apps you frequent on the device. Here are some of the features that it can work with: 

  • Incoming calls 
  • Screen recording 
  • iPhone charging status 
  • Directions on Apple Maps 
  • Voice memos 
  • Fitness trackers

Does it work with third party apps?

Whilst it is not down to Apple to ensure the Dynamic Island is utilised by Third Parties, many developers are considering this for app development. This means creating different ways to display app features on the island. 


The Dynamic Island is a great addition to the iPhone, helping to add more character and personality to the home-screen through the way it displays activity. It is currently available on iPhone 14 Pro models and above. Who knows what the Dynamic Island may bring in the future?