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How to stop vinyl records from skipping

Vinyl records have made a popular return over the past few years. Whilst they are great for playing music, there may be times when the audio jumps slightly. This can be irritating when listening to your favourite tune. Luckily, we have some tips to stop the records from skipping. 

Have you correctly aligned the vinyl and needle?

If the vinyl or needle is incorrectly aligned or imbalanced, it can cause the audio to skip. This is because the vinyl may lift slightly and disturb the audio. To rectify this, ensure the needle is aligned and secure. 


Is the turntable in a suitable environment?

It is worth double checking the environment the turntable is situated in. It will need to be positioned on a flat, level surface. This will ensure the vinyl can spin without disruptions. Similarly, you should consider what is around the turntable which could cause vibrations. For example, if sitting next to a large appliance, the vibrations from the appliance can disrupt the vinyl. 


Can you wipe away any debris on the turntable?

If there is any debris on either the turntable or the record, this can disturb the needle and cause the record to skip. To rectify this, wipe down both the record and turntable with a cloth. When doing this, ensure to avoid pressing hard when wiping as this could cause slight damage or further press dirt into any grooves. 

Can you try cleaning with an anti-static cloth?

You can also try wiping down the vinyl with an anti-static cloth to stop tracks from skipping. This is because vinyl can be prone to static electricity which can cause crackle sounds during playing. Wiping it with an anti-static cloth helps to remove this static. You can also try using an anti-static brush which should have a similar effect. 


Does the needle need replacing?

You should check the needle for any damage or wear in case this could be causing the problem. You may find dirt or debris at the end that can be wiped off, however if there is physical damage you may need to look at replacing the needle itself to rectify. 

Can you adjust the speed setting?

Another simple way to stop a record from skipping is by adjusting the speed setting. You may find the vinyl is going too fast or too slow which may be giving the effect it is skipping, but may just be the speed as to which the audio can be heard. 


By using our advice, you should be able to get your records spinning without problems in no time. 

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