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How to solve Bluetooth audio disturbance

From garden parties to beach days, Bluetooth speakers are great for playing music without the hassle of wires. The Bluetooth technology means that you and your friends can take turns connecting to the speaker. Whilst they can provide great audio, it is possible you may experience audio disturbance at times. This is the term used to describe when the sound cuts out, becomes distorted, or is interfered with. It is quite common to experience every now and again, and is usually a result of environmental factors. Luckily, it is easily resolvable. In this article we highlight how to resolve audio disturbance.

Does it have enough charge?

Before usage, it is always important to confirm the speaker, and the connected phone, has enough charge. If the charge becomes low and the speaker doesn’t have much power left, it may struggle to keep a stable connection. This can result in the audio dropping. To prevent this, keep the speaker and connected devices charged before using.

How far away is it?

It is important to check the distance between your phone and the speaker if experiencing audio disturbance. If the speaker is too far, the audio is likely to cut out. You can check the distance range in your user instructions which will confirm the furthest distance your device can have to remain connected. Thick walls and infrastructure should also be taken into account with the distance. Whilst Bluetooth is generally fine with walls in a house, if the devices are far away from one another, the physical obstructions may begin to affect the signal.

Are there other electrical devices nearby?

To avoid interference, you should also check how close the speaker is positioned to other electrical devices. For example, being close to radios and microwaves. This is because other nearby electrical devices product signals which may cause interference with the Bluetooth signal and disrupt the audio. We would recommend positioning the speaker in an open space, away from other devices if possible, to prevent anything from blocking the signal.

Have you re-established the connection?

If your audio is cutting out or there is a delay, it is worth disconnecting your phone from the speaker and reconnecting it again to re-establish the connection. This will reset the connection and may resolve the connection issue.

Is it happening on certain apps or devices?

You can cross-test devices to confirm if the problem is coming from a particular device. This is done by connecting your phone to an alternative speaker or connecting the speaker to an alternative phone. Similarly, you can try different streaming applications to see if the same audio issue occurs. This can identify possible compatibility issues. In these scenarios we would recommend checking for any software updates or contacting the relevant support team for any advice on adjusting settings that could be affecting this.

By following our advice you should be able to prevent audio disturbance and maintain a strong connection with your speakers. For more on what speakers we offer, visit here.