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Controlling your Ring Doorbell with Alexa

Having a smart doorbell is a great way to easily improve the security of your home. Ring Doorbells are one of options on the market offering quick installation and user-friendly operation. Did you know that you can connect your Ring doorbell to your Alexa devices to provide an even more seamless security experience? In this article we look at how easy it can be to setup and control your Ring doorbell with Alexa. 

How to setup with Alexa

Check compatibility

Before connecting to Alexa, it’s best to check if the devices are compatible with one another. Whilst they generally are compatible, check your model details to ensure it is compatible with the generation of Amazon device you are using. 

Install the Ring skill

Once you have confirmed the devices are compatible with each other it is time to install the Ring skill. To do this, open the Alexa app on your smart device and enter ‘Skills & Games’. Search for ‘Ring’ in the search box to locate the Ring skill. Once located, tap on ‘Enable to Use’ and Alexa will ask you to sign into your Ring account to link Ring and Alexa together. 

Search for and discover devices

When both your Alexa and Ring account are linked together, you can tap on ‘Discover Devices’. This will search for your Ring devices and will automatically connect to Alexa. 

If you have multiple Ring devices and you don’t want all of them connected to Alexa, you can tap ‘Forget’ on the right side of the device through the Alexa app to unpair that device. You can also disable the account access on devices through the Ring app by selecting ‘Amazon Account Linking’ and choosing what access Alexa has to each device. 

How to control the Ring Doorbell with Alexa 

Use voice commands

Once connected via the Alexa and Ring app, control couldn’t be any easier. Much like with any Alexa operation, you can control the Ring Doorbell simply with voice commands. Use commands such as ‘Alexa, show *device name*’ to show the live activity feed and to stop the feed, say ‘Alexa, stop’. For the full list of commands, check your Alexa app under the Ring skill. 

View the stream via Fire TVs or Alexa devices

If you have a Fire TV or an Amazon Echo Show then why not connect them to your Ring doorbell? You can read our article on connecting your Ring doorbell to your TV here or check the video below on how to use a Ring doorbell with your Fire TV. This will give you the ability to stream the feed through your Alexa devices. 

What are the benefits of connecting the Ring Doorbell to Alexa? 

Receive notifications via Alexa 

If someone is at the door, Alexa can notify you. This is useful if you have Alexa in different rooms and you can’t always hear the doorbell, as it means Alexa can let you know even if you’re out of earshot. 

Communicate with Alexa 

As Alexa is a voice assistant, she can make communication easier. If someone is at the door, Alexa can allow you to use two-way talk meaning you can speak to whoever is at the door through your Amazon Alexa device. 

Easy hands-free operation 

By connecting to Alexa, you can enjoy hands-free operation by controlling via voice commands. This means quick and easy access to your live feeds. 

Another way to make your home a smart home 

If you’re keen on having a smart home or are unsure where to begin, integrating your Ring doorbell with Alexa is simple solution. It means you can have more control over your devices.