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Apple iOS 13 – Key New Features!

Apple have now released the iOS 13 update and includes many exciting new features to explore and use. Even if you haven’t upgraded to the latest model you are still able to experience these features and upgrades. The iOS 13 update is compatible with the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and newer including the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models. Below we will outline the key new features included in the update. 

Dark Mode 

This is possibly the most recognised feature new to the update. When turned on, this new feature changes the interface colours from the bright white and light grey tones to black and dark grey. These changes are applied to the main interface and any major apps like Twitter. This has been certainly welcoming on the eyes and can also be helpful for conserving battery life. You can even choose when you switch between the two modes using the scheduling option included in settings. There is also the option to add it to the Control Centre so you can easily change the mode. 

Photo Editing 

Editing your photos in your gallery has improved. You are now able to edit photos in 15 different ways including shadows, contrast, exposure and more with each feature easy to find and use due to the new and improved interface design which now looks sleek and tidy. You will find yourself using the editing tool more rather than downloading a third party app for your editing needs. The editing now extends to videos and live photos as well! 

Face ID 

For those whose devices support Face ID security and recognition, you will love this improvement! Apple have expanded the field of view which means that your iPhone will be able to detect your face from further away and at different angles rather than just straight on. 

FaceTime Correction 

Apple have introduced a really interesting new feature that will change the way you FaceTime. When you FaceTime, do you find yourself looking at the screen at the other person? If you do it will make you look like you are not keeping eye contact. With the iOS 13 update, using AI tech, your iPhone will automatically ‘adjust’ your eyesight to make it look like you are looking at the camera rather than the screen itself. This is only compatible with models that have TrueDepth camera hardware iPhone X and iPhone 11 models will support this new feature.  

QuickPath Keyboard 

The new swipe-to-type feature is something you may have already been familiar with or already been using. However you won’t have been able to use it with an iPhone unless using a third party app. Now, with the iOS 13 update, the feature is now native to the keyboard interface. Instead of typing each individual letter, you can press and hold the screen and swipe over the letters to form a word. It can take some practice in getting used to it! 


If you use the ‘Reminders’ app frequently, then the improvements made to this service will be super useful for you. If you haven’t used the ‘Reminders’ feature, then it’s definitely worth checking out. The interface and capabilities have made it more user-friendly and appealing to use. The features are more detailed allowing more categories and customisation of reminders.  

Camera/Portrait Mode 

For those models that support Portrait Mode, there are some changes to the lighting features allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light and a new ‘High-Key Mono’ effect has been introduced. The image gallery has also had a design overhaul with a new tab which sections your photos into days, months and years. Apple have also taken your photos and have the ability to make them into ‘movies’ which you can make and edit. 

These are some of the main features new to the iOS 13 update to the newest models of the iPhone. There are many more small changes and features that have also been included and apple have already released two further updates since the iOS 13 release with bug fixes and extra features so the best thing to do is go an explore what on offer!