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Amazon Fire TV Stick: Tech tips for beginners

If you’re new to the Amazon Fire TV Stick or have yet to explore its functionality, there may be some features you’re missing out on or don’t even know exist! In this article we look at some cool tech tips to enhance your experience with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

#1. Voice search with Alexa 

You can control your device with the supplied remote. You may have noticed a microphone or Alexa button. You can press this button and speak to the remote to get assistance from Alexa, which is Amazon’s virtual assistant. You can ask her to open apps, adjust the volume or search the web for you. 

#2. Screen mirroring 

The Amazon Fire TV stick can allow you to mirror the screen from your phone or tablet. This can be done via the inbuilt screen mirroring app on your phone or tablet or downloading the Amazon Fire app to pair directly with the Fire TV stick to mirror. This means you can share photos and videos on your television screen. 

#3. Screensaver customisation 

You can add some personality and customisation to your Fire TV stick by setting a background. You can do this by entering Settings, Display & Sounds and selecting Screensaver. This will give the option to select a photo to set as your screensaver. 

#4. Adjust display settings 

If you feel the display isn’t to your liking whether it’s too dark or doesn’t suit the content you are viewing, then you can adjust the display settings. To do this, enter Settings, select Picture and then move the sliders on your preferred settings. This is a simple way to get the best picture for you. 

#5. Keyboard and mouse compatibility 

You can pair a keyboard or mouse to your Fire TV device via Bluetooth to make it easier to navigate. To do this, enter Settings and then Controllers and Bluetooth Devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair. We recommend checking any product information first to check if compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

#6. Enjoy Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime is a popular streaming service available on most SMART devices. If you pay for an Amazon Prime membership you may wish to explore this app further such as enjoying offline content and getting access to exclusive shows. As it is an Amazon app, you may find your remote has an Amazon Prime button making it easy to switch to the app with ease. 

#7. Pair Bluetooth headphones 

If you want to listen to the audio through headphones instead of the TV speakers, then you can pair Bluetooth headphones to the device. The process for this is the same as with other Bluetooth devices; enter Settings and then Controllers and Bluetooth Devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair and you can enjoy the audio. 

#8. Learn keyboard shortcuts 

There are a few keyboard shortcuts you should know to make using your device easier. We have two examples here. You can adjust the display resolution by holding the UP and REWIND buttons together for 10 seconds which will allow you to cycle through available resolutions. Press Select to confirm your choice. 

You can also reset the remote by holding BACK, MENU and LEFT together for 15 seconds. This resets the remote and to pair again you can follow the on-screen instructions. 

#9. Set parental controls 

With the Fire TV stick allowing users to enter a world of SMART features, you may wish to set some restrictions if being used by your children by utilising parental controls. To do this, enter Settings, then Preferences, select Parental Controls and follow the on-screen instructions to set up. This gives you some more control over the usage of the device by your children. 

#10. Explore the app store 

The Amazon app store is full of a variety of apps such as games or more streaming services. Some of these may cost money to purchase but there are many free apps that can be chosen. We recommend taking time to look at what’s available so you can make the most of your device. 

What’s next? 

There are plenty more features to discover the more you use your device. To get more help and information on your Fire TV stick, visit the support page for your model or visit the Amazon website.