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10 reasons to upgrade your smartphone

Buying a new phone can sometimes seem overwhelming – with so many options on the market you may be thinking is it even worth upgrading? Whilst the choice of the phone is completely down to your preference, taking that first step towards a new smartphone is usually hardest. In this article we have outlined 10 reasons to upgrade your smartphone. 

Please note, we recommend checking the specifications for any phones you are interested in as the features mentioned in this article may not be available on every model. 

#1. Improved performance. 

As a general note, smartphones are known to perform better than older models and its predecessors. This is due to newer, faster processors and up-to-date software. This allows performance to run faster and smoother. 

#2. Better battery life. 

You will usually find that newer phones can provide a better battery life. This is due to larger battery capacity alongside better battery management systems. For example, a lot of phones will have low power or energy saving modes to reduce the amount of battery power consumed during usage. 

#3. Enhanced camera quality. 

Upgrading your smartphone can usually provide you with better camera technology. Some newer phones have multiple camera lenses to allow you to get all the angles, enhanced zoom, higher resolution images, and better low-light performance. 

#4. Increased security protection. 

Security is important for our smartphones to keep our data safe. With new smartphones comes an upgrade on software updates, giving access to the latest features. This often includes security patches. Alongside this, biometric security is often found on newer models, protecting your data and ensuring it can only be accessed by scanning your face or fingerprint. 

#5. More storage space. 

Most smartphones will have built-in cloud storage options, allowing you to easily transfer photos and files to your cloud storage to save space on your phone. This also helps to create an easy backup of your data in the event you need to transfer to another phone. 

#6. Advanced display quality. 

With newer technology, new smartphones can usually offer an advanced display quality with better resolution such as OLED and flexible/ foldable displays. This means you can have a better experience in viewing content such as photos or videos. 

#7. Faster connectivity and more options. 

Newer smartphones often support the latest wireless technologies such as 5G, resulting in faster download and upload speeds, improved network coverage, and better overall connectivity. This means you may have more options with your network provider too, as you can upgrade to a different package to make the most of the wireless technology options. 

#8. Voice assistant integration.

Voice assistant technology is all around us with the likes of devices such as the Amazon Echo. Why not take full advantage of voice assistants on your phone? Most newer smartphones will have voice assistant integration, meaning you can control your voice by asking the voice assistant to open apps and make calls. 

#9. Various innovative features. 

Technology is always changing, so upgrading to a new smartphone may give you access to new innovative features. There are now smartphones on the market with foldable screens and AI camera technology. These features can really make your phone stand out and give you a different experience when using. 

#10. Durability of build.

Smartphones are an invest, so it is important these are durable to ensure it has a long life. Newer smartphones often have improved durability such as water resistance and reinforced glass on the screen. These help to reduce the risk of damage from accidental slips or exposure to water. 

Anything else?

These are only 10 of the reasons to consider upgrading your smartphone. We recommend looking at different models and seeing what meets your needs and may bring you enjoyment in using your phone. 

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