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What causes drainage issues?

The drainage is a key part of the end of the cycle on a spin. It removes the leftover water from the appliance, allowing you to remove the load. If your appliance isn’t draining then the load will be damper than normal and can lead to difficulties in removing the load. Drainage issues are typically caused by something physically preventing draining to occur. In this article we look at what can cause drainage issues on your appliance.

One of the key features of your appliance that can affect the drainage is the filter. If the filter becomes blocked or clogged then it can create a blockage for the water flow. Alongside the filter, the housing the filter sits in can also become blocked. This section goes slightly deeper than the filter so it is possible that debris can get stuck in here. The debris typically comes from the items put in for a cycle, so when filling for a cycle you should always check the items over for anything that may be hidden in the pockets. This can help to prevent a large build up in the filter or housing.

The other main area to consider is the piping. If the pipes have any kinks or bends it can risk the flow of water being affected. As a result, this can make it difficult for the appliance to drain correctly. Kinked pipes can occur if the appliance has been installed correctly with the pipe sitting at an angle which can get worse over time if not corrected. This can be easily rectified by pulling the appliance out and adjusting the pipe to improve the flow. The pipes may also be blocked internally. In order to remove internal blockages, you can clean the pipes thoroughly by performing a hot wash on the unit. This should be done alongside the recommended pipe maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Draining issues can also be related elsewhere to your appliance. As the draining is part of the end of the cycle, it may be that something else is preventing the cycle from finishing correctly. Your appliance is likely to display an error message or error code in these scenarios and you should check the user manual for the meaning and appropriate steps to rectify. It may be that you need to press a button to fully complete the cycle which could then allow the draining to commence.

To conclude, drainage issues are primarily caused by blockages. By cleaning regularly and following the maintenance guidance in your instruction manual you can prevent drainage issues. This isn’t to say all drainage issues are a result of the filters and piping, so if checking this is to no avail or if you are unsure, always consult the relevant support team or qualified professional. You can browse our laundry appliance range here.