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Washing Machines: Why isn’t the door opening?

Have you ever finished a cycle on your washing machine and found the door is not opening? This situation can be stressful especially if your favourite jeans are still inside. Below, we have highlighted the reasons your washing machine door may not be opening and how to resolve this.

The appliance is still on a cycle

The first thing to check if the door isn’t opening is to ensure the appliance has finished the cycle it is on. If the cycle is still continuing then the door will remain closed. You will need to wait until the cycle has finished or press the Stop button to end the cycle manually.

You are attempting to open the door too soon after the cycle finishes

Most washing machines will need to be left up to 5 minutes after a cycle finishes before the door can be opened. This is to ensure that the drum has stopped turning fully. If the door isn’t opening, we would recommend waiting this time first before attempting to open.

There is water in the drum

If you can see water in the drum of the machine, this can be a reason why the door isn’t opening. If the machine detects water still in the drum, the door will not open. This would suggest a possible drainage issue which may be caused by a blockage in the filter. In these instances, to resolve this you will need to remove the filter and drain the machine before trying the door again. If this continues, we would recommend consulting your user manual for drainage support.

Child lock is on

Your washing machine may have a child lock as a safety feature. This is usually identified on the machine as a lock or padlock symbol showing on the display. This can be removed by pressing and holding 2 buttons together. Your instruction manual will have more information on how to set and remove the child lock.

The handle has not been pulled correctly

Most handles will have a button that needs pushing at the same time the door is pulled. If this is not done, the door will fail to open. Similarly, the door may require a bit of force to open so if not pulled hard enough then this may be unsuccessful.

You have had a power surge

If you have experienced a power surge in your property, this may affect the functionality of the machine and the ability to open the door. To resolve this, we would recommend unplugging the machine, leaving for about 5-10 minutes and plugging back in.

With this information you should be able to identify why the door isn’t open and take the appropriate action to resolve. If the issue is still persisting, always contact the relevant support team for further advice.