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Rice Cookers: Beginner's guide to cooking

If you’ve just got a rice cooker or considering buying one, you may be unsure where to begin to get great cooking results. In this article we have highlighted the basics you need to know to cook with your rice cooker. 

Prepare the rice

Before you begin cooking, it is important to prepare the rice. This will depend on the type of rice being cooked. For most rice, you can run this under water to remove excess starch. Other rice may require soaking, so we suggest checking any information specific instructions on the packaging. 

Measure the rice to water ratio 

Getting the water to rice ratio correct is important when using a rice cooker. Most rice cookers will have an indication level for maximum and minimum water to make it easier to get it right. Be sure to follow this as it will help to achieve desirable results. We also recommend checking any specific recipes or instructions for the type of rice being used to get the best results. 

Add your ingredients

If you want to add some flavour to the dish, you can add some additional ingredients or seasonings. Be sure to do this before closing the lid and choosing a setting.  

Close the lid to seal the heat

When the rice and any additional ingredients have been added, it is time to close the lid. It is important to ensure the lid has been closed securely to seal the heat and steam inside the cooker. 

Once the rice has begun the cooking process, it may be tempting to open the lid to check the progress. Try to avoid doing this, as it can allow heat to escape which disrupts the cooking process. 

Choose the desired setting

Depending on your rice cooker, you may find specific settings for different rice types. If not, check the cooking instructions and choose the appropriate temperature and time setting. 

Allow the rice to cook

When the lid has been closed and the setting has been chosen, it’s time to set back and allow the rice to cook. Not much is required during this, but we recommend staying in the kitchen or nearby for general safety when cooking. 

Let the rice to sit

We also recommend allowing the rice to sit once cooked. You can do this by keeping the lid on and utilising any warming modes if available on your model. This ensures the rice stays warm and cooks evenly. Most rice cookers will automatically switch to this when the cooking has completed, but if not, you may be able to manually select this option. 

Fluff the rice (if required)

If you’re looking for fluffier rice once it has cooked, you will need to separate the grains. To do this, use a fork to gently stir and separate the rice.  

To summarise

Rice cookers can be a game changer in the kitchen and with these simple steps you can easily cook with no stress. Remember to prepare your rice, measure the water to rice ratio and keep the lid secure during cooking. 

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