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How turning down to 30 degrees can save energy on your washing machine

If you’re looking to cut your energy usage down, you have probably already tracked your energy usage on a smart meter to identify the biggest energy eaters in the home. One appliance which will eat away at energy is the washing machine. Of course, we can’t just not use our washing machines as we still need to clean clothes. But there are ways we can cut down the usage of the appliance. In this article we look at how turning down the temperature to 30 degrees can save energy on your washing machine. 

Understanding the energy consumption of washing machines

Washing machines can use a high amount of energy, but it is important to understand where the energy consumption is coming from. A significant amount of energy is used by the washing machine to heat the water to the desired temperature. This means a high temperature uses more energy. Similarly, the length of cycles can contribute to higher energy consumption. If an appliance is running longer at a higher temperature, it will use more energy. 

Save energy by dropping the temperature

By understanding that high temperatures use a lot of energy means that a simple solution is lowering the temperature. For example, lowering the temperature to 30 degrees can become a powerful way to save energy with your washing machine. According to the Energy Saving Trust, washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than a higher temperature can save around 40% of the energy used each year. Alternatively, if your washing machine has an ‘ECO MODE’ which washes at lower temperatures, then this can be used.  

Dropping the temperature can also benefit your fabrics. Sometimes washing at higher temperatures can be too harsh for the fabrics. This means you can extend the lifespan of your clothes, reducing the need to replace them, by keeping the temperatures lower. 

Detergent companies are also creating new cleaning solution methods which can clean clothes at lower temperatures, often in the form of cleaning pods or gels. This means you can be confident your clothes are still getting a thorough clean on a colder cycle. 


What are the benefits of saving energy?

By using less energy, this reduces the cost of running the appliance which reduces the pressure on your bills. It also helps the environment. This is because less fuel is used to produce the electricity our appliances rely on. Just think, if everyone was to make a small change, this would be a big change across the nation.  


Dropping the temperature on your washing machines can help save energy. The results may not be immediate, but every small saving builds up over time. Remember to check the cleaning and care instructions of any clothing to ensure the temperature changes are appropriate. You can view our full range of washing machines here.

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