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How to solve water filling issues?

When we start cycles on our washing machines, the drum will fill with water before spinning and cleaning our laundry. If the drum doesn’t fill with water, this can cause problems as it means the programme will not start. Below we have highlighted the main areas to check if you are experiencing issues with your washing machine filling with water.

Is the door locking?

One of the easiest things to check if your machine isn’t filling with water is checking that the door is locked. This can be done by opening and closing it again to ensure a click is heard and felt, to confirm that the door is locked. If the door has not locked, programmes will not start.

Have you selected a programme?

If you find the water isn’t filling and the cycle hasn’t begun, it is recommended to check that the programme has been correctly selected. This is done by ensuring the dial has been turned to the correct programme and the Start button has been selected.

Are any error codes appearing?

Another area to check if experiencing issues it the display screen. Your appliance may show an error code to show exactly what is causing the problem. The error code may suggest the issue is elsewhere, and the water not filling in the appliance may just be a symptom of the actual cause. This will allow you to identify the issue and resolve it.

Does the hose have any kinks or bends?

The inlet hose is also a key part to check. This is the hose that feeds water into the washing machine. If you are experiencing issues, pull the appliance out and check that the hose has not developed any kinks or bends. This is because bends can obstruct the water flow.

Have you cleaned the inlet hose?

You should check the inlet hose for any blockages as part of the general maintenance of the appliance. You can do this by removing the hose, draining any excess water into a bucket if necessary, and checking for any dirt or debris that may have built up inside. This is because any debris inside may prevent the flow of water and thus the appliance will not fill.

Have you checked the water supply?

If you have multiple appliances connected to the water supply, we would recommend checking how they are connected and if the issue is occurring at certain times. If you find the issue is happening when you are running both appliances, it may be a result of the water supply being insufficient as 2 appliances require a flow of water. In these instances, it is recommended to contact an engineer or plumber to check the supply.

It is also recommended to ensure the tap is fully open. If the tap is not fully open, it is likely the water will not fill the appliance correctly.

To summarise, it is important to check the inlet connections if your machine is having difficulty filling with water. If in doubt, always refer to your user manual, contact the relevant support team, or seek support from an authorised person. You can view our range of laundry appliances here.