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Gas Hobs: Solving hob ignition issues

Gas hobs are a popular choice in the kitchen. Whether it is a standalone hob, part of a gas oven or part of a dual fuel cooker, the gas hob helps users to get efficient and precise cooking. If you encounter issues with the hob not igniting this can be frustrating and temporarily halt your cooking. In this article we look at some user-accessible areas to investigate and resolve if your hob isn’t igniting. 

Please note, only carry out general user maintenance on a gas appliance. Any physical repairs should be carried out by a qualified engineer and under no circumstances should you try to repair yourself. 

The gas supply: Is it turned on?

Firstly, it is important to check that the gas supply is turned on for your appliance. If there's a shut-off valve, make sure it is in the open position. If the gas does not appear to be turning on at all, you will need to seek support from a qualified professional to assist. 

The gas burners: Can you see any deposits or debris? 

If the gas is working, you should check the gas burners are clean. The burners have caps and crowns which help to distribute the flame evenly when cooking. Before checking this, ensure the gas is turned off and the area is cool. Next, inspect the gas burners for any visible blockages or debris by removing the caps and crowns. Food deposits can stick to the burners which can be removed by using a small brush or compressed air. Removing this ensures that there is proper airflow and improves the performance. Once removed, clear the area and try igniting again.  


The ignition: Is it clean and clicking? 

The ignition is the part of the appliance which sparks the gas to create the flame. If the ignition becomes dirty it can prevent a spark from being produced. This is usually noticed when you try igniting the hob, but the ignition does not click. Over time, dirt can build up, so it is best to clean it by carefully brushing with a soft brush. If there is visible damage to the ignition, then you will need to seek support from a qualified professional to assist.

The control dials: Are they aligned correctly? 

We recommend checking the dials to check they are correctly aligned. If not aligned properly, when you turn to use the hob, they may not be switching on. Most ovens and hobs have removable dials for cleaning purposes. If your model does have removeable dials, we recommend taking the hob dials off, cleaning and refitting. Once put back on, try turning again to get the ignition working. You can view our video on our to remove and clean dials here. 


Still not igniting?

If the issue remains or you find the rest of the appliance is not igniting correctly or operating as expected, it is best to seek professional support. We recommend visiting the support page for this product or consulting the relevant support team for a resolution.