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Deep fat fryers: Achieving perfectly even cooking results

If you’ve introduced a deep fat fryer into your kitchen, you are likely excited to get cooking. They are fairly simple to use but to begin with you may not get the perfectly evenly cooked dishes. But don’t worry, we have a few simple tips to help get the best results. 

Does even cooking really make a difference?

The simple answer, yes. When food is evenly cooked it means that the heat is evenly distributed. This means your food is cooked and safe to eat, but also means it will taste delicious and you can enjoy a crispy texture throughout. Whilst many modern deep fat fryers will have inbuilt technology to regulate the temperature to evenly cook, the way we handle the cooking process plays a big part. 

Prep for success

Firstly, you need to prep for success. This means having all your ingredients prepared in advance. Cutting things up into uniform slices, ensuring your ingredients are patted dry beforehand, and lightly coating any food can encourage an even finish. We suggest doing some research beforehand on the specific food you are cooking to get tips from like-minded home chefs.  

Manage the oil temperature

Another factor to achieve the best results is the oil temperature. Your fryer may have presets for the temperature, but some models allow you to adjust these during the cooking process. This is important as having the right oil temperature prevents the food from becoming burnt or soggy. We recommend using the inbuilt thermometer, or your own cooking thermometer to monitor the temperature. You may also wish to pre-heat the fryer before using to ensure it is at the desired temperature, and then add the ingredients to ensure it is cooking at the correct temperature. Alongside the temperature, you should also ensure you are changing the oil when needed. This is because oil can negatively affect the flavour and cooking of the food as it can become dirty over time. We recommend removing the oil after each use and changing it after every 8-10 uses to replace with fresh. 


Arrange the food like a pro

Did you know the arrangement in the basket plays a role in getting good results? You should arrange the food in a way that ensures the basket is not overcrowded or covered by other food in the basket. If it is covered up, it may not cook correctly. Our recommendations is sticking to a single layer where possible, with spacing around the food. We also suggest shaking the basket in intervals to ensure the food gets even coverage.  

Become an expert in cooking times and batch sizes

To begin with, you may be unsure on times and sizes, but this will come with practice. When cooking, take note of how big any batches were and if you cooked for any longer than normal. This will help you to understand how you can get the best results using the behaviour of your air fryer and the foods you like to cook. 

Tips to crisp and flavour

As a general rule, to get crispy results, you should aim to drain any excess oil from your food as soon as possible. You can use a wire rack after cooking to assist in this, or pat down with a paper towel. If you’re planning on adding any seasoning, we suggest adding it straight away cooking so that the food can absorb the flavouring quicker. 



Achieving even, crispy results from your air fryer can take time but you can use our tips of preparation and management during cooking to help. For information on the specific meal you are cooking, always refer to the cooking instructions. 

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