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Cooker Hoods: Do they really make a difference?

You may be familiar with cookers hoods, the structures that sit above your cooker and hob whilst you cook. If you don’t have one, you may be wondering if they make a difference when cooking. In this article, we look at the ways in which cooker hoods can make an impact on your kitchen and your cooking. 

How do cooker hoods work?

Primarily, you will likely find 3 different cooker hood types; vented, recirculating and dual hoods. 

  • Vented hoods expel air outside via ducts, removing odors, smoke, and moisture effectively.  
  • Recirculating hoods filter air through carbon or charcoal filters and release it back into the kitchen, suitable for spaces without external ventilation.  
  • Dual hoods offer both vented and recirculating modes, providing flexibility based on installation options and needs.

Enhances safety by removing smoke

Firstly, cooker hoods are designed to extract smoke and steam generated during cooking. Depending on what you are cooking, a lot of steam may be produced. There may also be times where food is accidentally burnt, which causes smoke. By removing smoke and steam from the cooking area, the risk of a fire hazard or visibility issue is reduced. This makes it easier for us to monitor cooking correctly and avoid any hazards. 


Improves air quality with odour removal

Cooker hoods are also great at improving the overall air quality in the cooking space by the removal of odours. Different foods will create different odours when cooking, and some may be particularly strong. A cooker hood can ventilate the area during and after cooking, reducing the odour. This is useful in preventing the odours from travelling around the house. 

Maintains hygiene by capturing grease and food particles

Most cooker hoods will have a filter or filtration system which captures particles such as grease or other food particles in the air. This is beneficial as it prevents grease from building up on kitchen surfaces. As a result, cleaning up your cooking area will be easier as less dirt will have settled. 


Allows a comfortable cooking space by reducing heat buildup

Another benefit of cooker hoods is that they can remove excess heat. Cooking produces heat which naturally rises during the process. For ovens particularly, when you open the door after cooking you are likely to get a wave of heat so you should always stand back and open with caution. This heat can remain in the air and sometimes be uncomfortable. If you have a cooker hood switched on, it can ventilate the heat as you open the oven door. 

Adds to the kitchen aesthetic

Don’t forget – adding a cooker hood to your kitchen can add to the decor and overall aesthetic appeal of the space. It can make the area feel complete and functional. We recommend choosing a cooker hood that matches the colour scheme or design of your cooker and the rest of your kitchen appliances where possible. 

So, do cooker hoods really make a difference?

Overall, cooker hoods have practical benefits to improve general safety and hygiene whilst also enhancing the aesthetics. Whilst these benefits may not be important to everyone, they really can make a difference in the kitchen. 

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