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Air Fryers: The basics before you cook.

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular in the average kitchen. They offer a more cost-effective cooking solution with the energy they use, and they can help to cook healthier meals. In this article we have highlighted the basics for using your air fryer.

#1: Remember regular rotation.

It is important to rotate the food in your air fryer. By doing this, it helps to evenly cook your meals by ensuring all sides of the food get heated. This can be achieved by simply rotating every few minutes.

#2: Don’t overfill the basket.

It can be easy to overfill your appliance when cooking a lot of food. This can affect the cooking results. Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air around the food. If the appliance is overfilled, it obstructs this air circulation and can prevent effective cooking. This can be resolved by not overfilling. Your air fryer may have a ‘MAX’ line on the basket, so use this as guidance.

#3: Use the correct settings.

When using your air fryer, it is important to set the correct temperature. You may find if the incorrect temperature has been set then the cooking times will take longer than anticipated and can result in the food being undercooked. To rectify this, you should check that specific cooking instructions are followed for the food. Alongside this, your appliance is likely to have guidance for different foods so this should be followed.

#4: Don’t cook the wrong foods.

The type of food being cooked is significant to understanding the cooking times. If cooking frozen food, you should always ensure the food has been fully thawed before placing in the air fryer. The reason for this is that moisture can easily form on frozen food which can lead to burning in some areas, and uneven cooking. You should avoid cooking high fat content food in the air fryer. The reason for this is that the fat content can heat up very quickly and burn the food. It is best to cook different food types, or consider a different cooking method for this particular type of food.

#5: Get the perfect positioning.

Consider the positioning of the appliance by ensuring the vents are not blocked or facing a wall. Due to the air fryer cooking via circulating hot air around the appliance, if the vents are blocked this can have a negative impact on the cooking results. Keep sufficient clearance around the product to allow suitable air flow for great cooking results.

The positioning of the appliance also prevents it from being too noisy. You should always position on a flat level surface and ensure the power cable is tucked out of the way. If this isn’t followed, you may find it rattles when cooking and can be very

#6: Use the correct oil.

The type of oil used in an air fryer can impact the performance. You should avoid using oils with a low smoke point as these can easily cause the air fryer to emit black smoke. Instead, use oils with a high smoke point to get the best cooking results. For example, vegetable oil. You may find that specific oils are recommended for your air fryer or recipes, so consult this before cooking.

By using these tips as a basis, you are sure to find it easier to use your appliance and get better results.