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Why do we need to rotate our mattresses?

We love to look after our homes from cleaning rooms to maintaining items of furniture. Did you know your mattress does need proper care? It is important we maintain our mattresses, and this includes regular rotation. In this article we answer we look at why we need to rotate our mattresses. 

The benefits of rotating your mattress 

Rotating your mattress is important for general maintenance and reduces the negative effects of wear and tear occurring over time. 

  • Equally distributes weight: Rotating your mattress encourages the weight of the users to be equally distributed. This therefore evens out the usage to all areas rather than one. This stops the mattress from dipping in the same area over time.  
  • Extending the mattress lifespan: By rotating evenly and reducing areas from dipping and wearing, it keeps the mattress in a better condition for longer. This extends the lifespan and means you can be confident your mattress will last a long time and will not be required to replace so soon. 
  • Improving sleep quality: Another benefit to consider is that regular rotation can vastly improve sleep quality. This is because it keeps the mattress in good shape, ensuring it can support you in your slumber. This results in a peaceful night’s sleep.  

How often should your mattress be rotated?

We use the term ‘regularly’ when describing how often mattresses need to be rotated. But what does this mean. It varies depending on the specifications of your mattress. Some will state every few months, or a few times a year. Check the label or the product information for this. Some manufacturers recommend rotating your mattress every few weeks for the first few months after your purchase. If you are unsure, we recommend rotating once every 2-3 months, or whenever you feel there is discomfort in your mattress. 

How to effectively rotate your mattress?

Rotating your mattress isn’t too complicated, but it is best to have an extra pair of hands to help you. Ensure you have space around you and the bed before you begin. Once ready, lift the mattress and rotate 180 degrees, providing end-to-end rotation, and reposition on the bed. 

Do all mattresses need to be rotated?

In theory, yes, all mattress should be rotated. However, some mattresses are fixed to the bed and cannot be rotated. Similarly, some mattresses may be an exception and will usually have ‘no-turn’ stated on the product description. These mattresses do not need to be turned due to the type of springs and structure that the mattress uses. 



We need to rotate our mattresses to keep them in the best condition and lasting long. This contributes to us getting the best night’s sleep possible. For more information on how to look after your mattress, ensure to check your product information for correct care advice. 

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