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The Big Spring Clean: Room by Room Cleaning Checklist

It’s nearly that time of year to open the windows, blow the cobwebs of winter out and do the big spring clean. Here is our room-by-room cleaning checklist for a spring clean. Follow the links for a deeper looking into the sprucing up of less considered areas of each room.  

The Living Room:


We recommend targeting the rugs, cushions, and all upholstery in the living room. This is because these are generally used by everyone in the household as this room is a living space for all. 

  • Tackle dirty floors by cleaning carpets and rugs 
  • Clean your upholstery 
  • Wash throws and cushions 
  • Vacuum cobwebs from the windows and curtains 
  • Dust off shelves and decor 
  • Sanitise your tech 
  • Target the hidden spots behind your TV 
  • Clean your skirting boards properly 

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The Kitchen:

For the kitchen, hygiene is the important factor to consider. Cleanliness needs to be upheld to keep food preparation safe. We suggest cleaning your appliances and getting rid of any out-of-date food. 

  • Defrost and deep clean your fridge freezer 
  • Pay attention to the sink 
  • Clear the cupboards of out-of-date food 
  • Clean and disinfect all cutting boards 
  • Descale the kettle 
  • Clean the oven 
  • De-crumb the toaster 
  • Use an easy blender cleaning hack 

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The Bedroom:

When cleaning the bedroom, we recommend starting with the bed itself, alongside the sheets and mattress. Once this has been sorted, we suggest tackling the wardrobe by removing all clothes and cleaning the unit. As we keep most of our belongings in this room, a spring clean provides the perfect opportunity to declutter the room of unwanted items. 

  • Empty the wardrobe and drawers 
  • Pack away cold weather clothing 
  • Look after your mattress by rotating and cleaning 
  • Clean lamps and lampshades 
  • Declutter the room of things you no longer need 
  • Purify the air 

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The Bathroom:


Over time, dirt is likely to build up in the bathroom. You can target the shower head, taps, and bath to remove any limescale or soapy marks. The floor can be washed using a steam mop to provide a deeper clean. 

  • Remove limescale from the shower head and taps 
  • Scrub away soapy marks 
  • Clean the toilet with white vinegar and baking soda 
  • Use a steam mop to give your tiles a thorough clean 
  • Fix discoloured grout with an old toothbrush 
  • Hose down the bath mats 
  • Clean your shower screen with tea 

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The Patio:


Spring is the perfect time to clean, and the perfect time to get the patio ready for the sunshine. We recommend focusing on getting the flooring clean and tidy, and then working upwards on any furniture and décor. 

  • Sweep away the mess 
  • Trim the edges 
  • Use a pressure washer to deep clean the patio 
  • Get your furniture out of storage and clean 
  • Clean any garden décor  

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