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Heated Throws: How to stay cosy and energy efficient

Heated throws have become a popular choice in the UK for those wanting to stay warm and comfortable in the colder months without worrying about the cost of their heating. In this article we look at heated throws and how they can help to stay both cosy and energy efficient. 

Understanding heated throws 

Firstly, what is a heated throw? As it sounds, it is a throw or blanket that is heated. It works with heating elements within that can usually be controller with buttons or a remote that is attached to the unit. They differ from other heating methods as they allow the heat to go direct to the user via the throw. 

Energy-efficient features 

The main stand-out attribute of being energy-efficient is that heated throws do not waste their energy by heating up a large area like conventional radiators or room heaters; instead, the throw warms up and this heat is given to the person using the throw. This contrasts with other methods or tech which work by heating up entire rooms or spaces. This saves energy by comparison as it does not need to heat up unoccupied areas. 

The environmental impact 

As a result of their energy-efficient nature, heated throws play a role in reducing our overall energy consumption. This means that they can help us to reduce our personal environmental impact caused through energy usage. For example, rather than switching on the heating when you feel a bit colder, you can opt for a heated throw to keep you warm when required and then turn off when satisfied. 

Saving costs 

Energy saving is important for those looking to cut their bills. By making the one-time purchase of a heated throw and then the cost of turning it on when required, you can reduce your spending significantly. The average power consumption of a heated throw is around 100W (0.1kW), so comparing this to using the central heating where the average UK boiler runs at somewhere between 24 – 30kW, the cost savings quickly pay for the initial outlay. This means you don’t need to worry so much about the rise of heating bills in the colder months as you can ensure you are warm in your home without turning on the central heating. 

Picking the best throw for you 

When it comes to which throw to pick, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the size. Some throws are smaller and can be used on specific areas of the body such as your feet. Whilst others are designed to wrap around you completely.  

You should also look to see the available heating settings. There may be times where you only need a bit of additional warmth and times where you want a lot of heat. Having multiple heating settings to choose from means you can ensure you are optimising warmth and comfort with the throw. 

Some heated throws also have timer settings meaning you can choose how long you want it to operate for before automatically switching off. This is ideal for times where you’re planning to have a nap whilst wrapped up warm. 


Overall, heated throws are great for reducing energy consumption to reduce your environmental impact and heating costs without compromising your wellbeing. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could also explore the possibility of a heated bedsheet too to ensure you stay warm at night whilst continuing to keep your energy usage down. 

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