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Do carpet cleaners provide a deeper clean than vacuums?

When it comes to cleaning the home, there is a wide range of tech available to get the job done effectively. One appliance that is making its way into households is the carpet cleaner. There are many available in different sizes and attachments, much like vacuum cleaners. But you may be thinking do you really need a carpet cleaner as well as a vacuum? In this article we look at how they differ from the general household vacuum cleaner. 

Vacuum cleaners: Surface level solutions 

Vacuum cleaners are well-known in the home. Their purpose is to vacuum (or suction) away loose dirt and debris off the surface of the floor. This means they can get rid of general dirt particles that is sat on a carpet. Most households will vacuum rooms once a week as part of a cleaning routine. It is necessary to vacuum regularly to prevent dust and debris building up excessively, meaning your home can stay clean. If this is not carried out, you will visibly see the dirt accumulate on the floor and the room will be prone to have more dust particles and irritants in the air. 

Carpet cleaners: Deep stain removal 

As vacuum cleaners work at a surface level, they are unable to get any dirty that has become embedded in the carpet – this is where carpet cleaners come in. Carpet cleaners are bigger devices that aim to clean the carpets rather than simply suction away surface level dirt. They combine water, cleaning detergent and brushes or rollers to provide a deep clean. The power of the water and detergent with the movement from the brushes helps to agitate deep dirt and clean it away. 

Is deep cleaning important? 

Although you may not see all the dirt or stains that are within the carpet, it is important that these should be cleaned. Over time, dirt that becomes embedded within the carpet can begin to wear down the material which can sometimes be irreversible. This dirt can also bring bacteria and allergens which can also contribute to stagnant and poor air quality. This is particularly notable in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and living spaces as more people walk in and out of the rooms, treading dirt into the carpet. A carpet cleaner easily combats this so incorporating a carpet cleaner can be incredibly beneficial to your carpet maintenance routine. 

How to get the best results with a carpet cleaner 

To get the best results, it is best to follow a systematic approach. Start by clearing the area by removing furniture and objects so you have easy access to the carpet. Once cleared, vacuum away any loose dirt. If there are any visible stains, treat these with a stain remover solution that is suitable for the material of your carpet. Then, set the cleaner to the appropriate height for the carpet pile so it can clean effectively. We recommend using slowly in a set pattern, ideally one section of the carpet at a time. This ensures you do not miss any areas. Once cleaned, open windows and doors to ventilate the room to speed up the drying process and remove moisture from the carpet and air. 

Creating a combined cleaning routine 

To summarise, carpet cleaners do provide a deeper clean than vacuums. However, to get the best cleaning results, it is best to use both a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner. Vacuuming is necessary to provide more frequent removal of the visible dirt on the carpet. Alongside this, you can use a carpet cleaner to create a scheduled cleaning routine to deep clean the carpet and keep it fresh. We recommend tailoring your own cleaning approach based upon the flooring you are cleaning and the amount of traffic going through the room.  

Remember to check any information with your appliances to check it is suitable for the flooring you are cleaning. 

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