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All about bed slats

There are different types of bed frames available to support your mattress and fit the aesthetic of your room. The most common type of bed you will find is a structure with wooden bed slats. Bed slats are long boards that make up the support of the mattress. When putting your bed together, the slats sit on top of the bed frame and the mattress is then seated on top of this. In this article we highlight what you need to know about bed slats.

Benefits of bed slats

  • Easy mattress support

The main purpose of the slats is to provide support to the mattress. The specific design of bed slats helps to distribute any weight which to prevent the mattress from sagging and dipping. The slats are also more open than other structures, allowing air flow to the mattress.

  • The slats can be replaced and refitted

A benefit of choosing a bed with slats is that the slats can be replaced if they become damaged for any reason. Opposed to other types of beds, this is more cost effective as they are cheaper to replace and refit. Other types of beds, such as box spring beds, may require the whole box spring to be opened and fixed if there is an issue.

The bed slats are relatively easy to refit. To replace bed slats, you have to remove the old one and slot a new one into its place. These are typically fitted into ‘caps’ which allow the slats to be slotted securely.

  • A cheaper alternative

If there are issues with the bed, bed slats are easier to fix than other structures. This is because you can replace the individual slats, rather than having to pay for a whole structural repair.

Care advice for bed slats

  • Follow the weight limit

The main thing to consider with frames with slats is to ensure you take care with the bed. This means not putting excessive weight on the bed as this can damage the slats. The weight limit for the bed’s frame will be in the manual specifications.

  • Do not use force

You should also avoid using excessive force on the bed. This means not jumping onto or on the bed to prevent the slats themselves from breaking.

  • Avoid applying pressure to the same area

When using your bed, it is recommended to avoid putting too much pressure onto one point. For example, avoid standing on the bed. This is because when you stand on the bed, all of your pressure will go to the spot you are stood in. This pressure can lead to the slat developing damage.

  • Do not use without a mattress

It is important to ensure the bed is not used without a mattress. This is because using a mattress reduces the amount of pressure on the slats. Using a mattress also prevents the slats from snagging or receiving any surface damage.

To summarise

Overall, the main benefits of having bed slats is the easy support it can provide your mattress and how quick it is to replace any broken slats. When using, always remember to follow the weight limit and avoid putting excess pressure on the bed.  

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