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What is a smart kitchen?

In a world where everything is becoming ‘smart’, it was only a matter of time until it hits our kitchens. We are now moving into if not already living in the age of the smart kitchen.  

But what exactly is a smart kitchen? In this article, we answer just that. 

What is a smart kitchen?

A smart kitchen is a mix between our cooking technology and connected technology. It creates an environment in the home where you can have more control over your appliances. Smart kitchens allow us to control our appliances and other devices like smart plugs, through our smartphones and laptops. By doing this, we can ensure that our devices are responding to our needs and preferences and have more hands-off control of devices remotely. 

What appliances can you have in a smart kitchen?

There are many different appliances that can work in your smart kitchen. Some devices are smart because they have ability to connect to your Wi-Fi and your smartphone to control it with. Others are smart because they use their own smart technology to work. Similarly, if you have a smart plug that you can control via your smartphone, you can make your standard appliances come on via remotely switching the plug, which is almost a work-around way of making an appliance smart.  

Some examples of smart devices for your kitchen: 

1. Smart Refrigerators: These high-tech fridges offer features like inventory management, recipe suggestions based on available ingredients, and the ability to view contents remotely via smartphone apps. Great for checking how much milk you have left as you past the corner shop. 

2. Smart Ovens and Stoves: These appliances can be controlled remotely, offer precision cooking through temperature and time adjustments, and some models can even suggest recipes or cook food automatically. 

3. Smart Dishwashers: These appliances optimise water usage, detect soil levels, and adapt their cleaning cycle accordingly, resulting in cleaner and more efficient dishwashing. 

4. Smart Coffee Makers: Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy customized coffee with the touch of a button, and some models can be controlled with a smartphone app. 

5. Voice Assistants: Integrated voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enable you to control various kitchen devices through voice commands, making multitasking in the kitchen easier than ever. 

6. Smart Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting systems with customisable settings provide ideal lighting conditions for cooking and dining, controlled via smartphone apps or voice commands. 

7. Smart Cookware and Utensils: Cookware with embedded sensors can provide real-time temperature data and cooking tips. Smart utensils can measure ingredients and provide nutritional information. 

8. Home Energy Management Systems: These systems help monitor and manage energy consumption in the kitchen, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. 

What are the benefits of a smart kitchen? 

Now we know what a smart kitchen is, what are the benefits of having this in your home?: 

1. Convenience and Efficiency: Smart kitchens automate routine tasks, provide cooking assistance, and streamline food management, making cooking more convenient and efficient. 

2. Energy Savings: Energy-efficient appliances and better management systems reduce energy consumption, contributing to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. 

3. Enhanced Safety: Smart kitchens can detect safety hazards like gas leaks and automatically shut off appliances, improving kitchen safety. 

4. Customisation: Personalised settings and suggestions cater to individual tastes and dietary preferences, enhancing the overall cooking and dining experience. This means you can ensure your appliances are operating to your needs. 

5. Environmental Impact: By reducing food waste through inventory management and optimising energy usage, smart kitchens contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 


A smart kitchen is the perfect example of how we can utilise smart technology to make our lives easier. Why not start simple with a smart appliance like a washing machine to control the programmes at your convenience? Who knows what the future may hold for smart kitchens. Could we reach a stage where our kitchens can be fully automated with all cooking and cleaning processes done via an app on our smartphones? What we do know is that we can enjoy the convenience of the tech we have to make smart kitchens suit our preferences. 

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