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Support Made Simple: Tumble Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

Tumble dryers are convenient appliances for the household which enable us to dry our clothes quickly without the need to hang outside. If they aren’t behaving as we would expect, this can cause problems with our laundry. In this guide, we have highlighted common queries and solutions for tumble dryers. 

Condenser light is flashing.

If the condenser light is flashing, this is a sign that the condenser tray needs to be emptied. This is because the machine is detecting too much remaining water which could cause issues as the water collected during the cycle needs to collect in the tank. To remove this error, simply remove the tank, empty the water and wipe clean with a cloth. If the light remains, you may need to rinse the condenser unit too. This is typically located at the bottom of the appliance and can be removed and rinsed under a sink. This will remove any debris and should remove the error message. 

The drum isn’t moving.

To dry clothes, the drum will need to turn whilst the appliance warms. If the drum isn’t turning, it could be an issue with the load size. When there is not enough in in the drum, the drum will struggle to turn as it uses the weight of the clothing to assist with the turning. Similarly, if too much is inside the drum, it may struggle to move at all for that cycle. To get this right and help the drum to turn, you should refer to programme load sizes found in your user guide to ensure you do not overload or under load. 

The cycle won’t start.

When your cycle isn’t starting, the first thing you should check is for any error lights. These will flash up on the display to let you know where the issue is that is preventing the cycle from starting. If there are lights, refer to your user manual and address any problem areas.  

If no errors are present, the next thing to look for is the child lock. When this is active on a tumble dryer it prevents any functions from being used. Deactivate the child lock by holding down the buttons highlighted in your user manual and then try the cycle again.  

Another simple trick to try is turning off and on with the main dial. Try switching to the off position, waiting 30 seconds, and switching back on. This will help if your appliance is experiencing a minor error moment. 

The programme is stopping after a few minutes.

If you find the program to be stopping after a few minutes into the cycle, you may need to carry out some basic maintenance checks.  

Firstly, we would recommend removing, emptying, and cleaning the lint filter. This can build up with fluff after a few cycles and if the dryer detects that this is full it is likely to automatically cut out.  

You should also check the condenser drawer to see if any water needs emptying. If this is full, any water collected during the cycle will not have anywhere to go, so like the lint filter, the appliance will likely cut off until this is emptied. 

A lesser-known feature of your tumble dryer are the humidity sensors. These detect the moisture on the clothes so know when the clothes are dry. If they are dirty, they may not be able to detect the moisture and thus instruct the programme to stop. On condenser tumble dryers, these are usually located on the inner part of the drum.  

Depending on your model, to clean the sensors you may need to wipe with a cloth and vinegar to remove any stubborn dirt. By removing the dirt, the sensor will be able to correctly detect the moisture content and keep spinning until dry. 

The clothes are coming out cold.

If you find your clothes to be coming out colder than expected, the first thing we would suggest checking is the programme that you have used. Some tumble dryers have a cool tumble setting which reduces the temperature at the end of the cycle to a lower one.  

If it is on the correct setting but still not warm enough, you may need to check the load size used. If overloaded, it can affect the heating of the dryer and may result in the clothes not warming. This is because when there is too much in the drum the air cannot flow correctly. To prevent this, use a smaller load size using the guidance from your user manual. 

The appliance is going over set times on drying clothes.

Your appliance may go over set times when drying clothes if the clothes are excessively wet. This is due to the humidity sensors still sensing a high water content. When filling the tumble dryer, you should not put excessively wet clothes in. To avoid this, try drying off slightly to remove water before putting in the machine. 

The drum is turning intermittently after a cycle has finished.

Have you ever noticed the drum turning by itself? It is normal for the drum to turn intermittently after a cycle has finished. The reason for this is to stop the clothes from creasing. 

All the lights are flashing.

Sometimes, if all the lights are flashing it is best to give the appliance a little reboot. To do this, we recommend disconnecting from the power, holding down the Start/Pause button for about 10 seconds, wait 30 seconds, and then plug back in. This should reset the appliance and remove flashing lights. 

Have any more questions? Don’t worry, you can visit the Argos Support Site and search your catalogue number to find more guidance for your specific model.  

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