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Smart plugs: Cut energy costs through the night

As we approach the colder months and begin spending more time in our homes, we are all looking for ways we can reduce the energy consumption from our appliances. A simple solution to this is through the use of smart plugs. In this article we look at smart plugs and how they can help to cut energy costs. 

Understanding smart plugs

The concept of smart plugs can be scary to some, but it is nothing to fear. The plugs pair with another master device which means the plug can be turned off and on with the device. This control is done via an app specific to the smart plug. The interface will vary between different manufacturers, but this interface can give you an insight into energy usage, which plugs are active, and ultimately put the control at your fingertips. 

Energy consumption at night

You may be familiar with Phantom Loads and how they can draw power when not in use. At night when we are sleeping, our appliances usually remain plugged in, potentially using power whilst in standby. There may be other times when we simply forget to turn off appliances that we would otherwise turn off anyway. But how can we ensure all of our plugs are turned off? 

Smart plugs as a solution

Smart plugs are a straightforward and easy solution to this. If you’re in bed and unsure if the devices are switched off, simply open the app and look at any active plugs and switch them down. With the scheduling function on some smart plugs, you could set an evening routine to switch off all devices when you go to bed, and then turn back on in the morning when you will be using them again. 

If your smart plug’s app gives you an insight into the energy usage of the appliances it has connected, you can get a better understanding of what appliances are costing the most. As a result, it can aid in making more energy-conscious choices. 

What devices / appliances can you control with the smart plug?

Essentially, you would have the capability to control the power on whatever device is plugged into the smart plug. As long as it is designed to be used in a household plug, it is generally safe. However, check the information on your specific smart plug and desired device to ensure they are appropriate to be used together. 

Easy integration with smart homes

Smart plugs are quite easy to integrate into your smart home systems. As long as all your devices are paired with the same master devices, such as your smartphone, then the control is all in your hands. You can read our blog on how smart plugs can build you a smart home here.


Smart plugs are a simple but effective piece of tech to help reduce energy costs. Use this alongside other energy-saving methods to conserve energy in the home. Check out all of our smart plugs by clicking here.

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