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Fan hacks to stay cool this summer

Summer heat is great for the day time, but if you’re indoors or trying to sleep at night then you may want to cool the temperature down. Whilst fans are useful, sometimes you need to try extra methods with your fan to cool down. In this article we highlight some tips and tricks you can use with your fan to stay cool this summer.

Calm breeze with lower settings

Generally, we put our fans on faster settings to blow the air around to keep cool. However, this doesn’t always work. It is best to put your fan on a lower setting to create a gentle, cool breeze. When going fast, the fan can actually product more heat and as a result will blow this warm air as the blades turn.

Bowl of ice trick

A good tip to create a cool breeze is by placing a bowl of ice near the fan. By doing this, the fan will blow the cool air from the ice around the room. It should be noted that if using this method, ensure the bowl of ice is far enough away from the fan so if the ice does melt it doesn’t leak and make contact with the fan itself.

Creating crosswind

Another way to utilise your fans is by using them to create a breeze right through your room. To do this, you will need multiple fans. You will then need to strategically place fans in corners, or areas, of a room so that each fan is facing each other. By doing this, all the air being circulated will blow towards one another, making the central area cool.

Circulate warm air

You can use fans to your advantage by circulating warm air out of the room. This is done by facing fans towards open windows to move hot air outside. If you have a tilting fan you can receive better results as you can physically adjust the fan to point upwards towards open windows. However, you will achieve the best results if you have taller fans facing directly towards the window.

Cleaning the blades

Cleaning your fan can make a big difference for the performance too. If dust has built up on the blades, the fan may become less effective. To clean the blades, follow the instructions in your user manual to remove the cover, wipe the blades, and refit. Once back on, the fan should perform better to cool you down.

By using these tips, you should be able to make the most of your fan and stay cool this summer. You can view our range of air purification here.