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5 easy dishwasher cleaning hacks

Keeping your dishwasher clean is crucial to ensuring your dishes are clean when using the appliance. If not clean, then the appliance will not be able to deliver sparkling results. But don’t fear, you can use various cleaning methods with different items found in the home. In this article we highlight our 5 favourite cleaning hacks right now that you can do with ease.

Vinegar and baking soda

An easy hack to clean your dishwasher is by using vinegar and baking soda. To clean using this, start by placing a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the top rack of the appliance. Then, sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher. You can then run a hot water cycle to help remove any build-up of grease and odours. We recommend checking the information label for the vinegar or baking soda being used to ensure it is safe to mix with each other.

Citric acid or lemon mix

Another simple cleaning hack is by using lemons. We often praise lemons for their ability to assist with cleaning due their citric acid, and luckily they can help with your dishwasher too. To clean your dishwasher with lemons (or citric acid), you can either dissolve citric acid powder or add some lemonade to a cup of warm water. Once mixed, together, pour this into the detergent dispenser or sprinkle on the bottom of the dishwasher. Then, run a hot cycle to flush the mixture through to remove dirt, debris, and stains.

Dishwasher deep clean

Giving your dishwasher a thorough, deep clean is another method we recommend. Whilst you may think you’re keeping your dishwasher clean by taking care of the filter and trays, you shouldn’t forget that there are many parts which need to be cleaned to maintain. We recommend removing the bottom rack of the dishwasher to have full access to the drain and filter housing. Next, use a toothbrush or a soft brush to scrub the drain area to remove stubborn residue. Once this is done, mix some warm water and soap together and scrub the interior walls, racks and the spray arms with a soft sponge. Once fully washed, you can rinse the dishwasher thoroughly. This ensures that no area is left untouched.

Salt and ice method

You can also use the salt and ice method to clean. Start by filling a dishwasher-safe container with a cup of white vinegar. Then, sprinkle some salt onto the bottom of the dishwasher and place the container, along with a few ice cubes, on the top rack of the dishwasher. You can then run a hot water cycle which will help to break down build-up of debris and soapy residue.

Dishwasher cleaning tablets

Our last method is simply using a dishwasher cleaning tablets. These are tablets designed to aid with removing stubborn dirt and build-up in your dishwasher. To use these, follow the instructions laid out on the packaging to clean your dishwasher. Generally, the tablet would need to be placed in the appliance and a hot water cycle would need to be run to clean and freshen up the dishwasher.

To summarise

There are many different ways you can clean your dishwasher effectively alongside your general cleaning and maintenance. Always remember to check your user manual for specific cleaning instructions for your appliance, and avoid particular methods if they are not suited for your dishwasher.

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