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Taking care of your solar lights

There are many different types of outdoor solar lights available, such as string lights, ornaments, and stake lights. They are great additions to your garden and help to create a nice atmosphere all year round. In this article we highlight our top tips to take care of your outdoor solar lights.

Adjust the panels for maximum sunlight

To make the most of the lights, we would recommend positioning the panel to receive the best sunlight. The solar panel that comes with your light may have an adjustable plate that lets you face the panel towards the sun. If not, we would recommend tilting the unit itself to get the most sunlight. It is also worth taking into account the environment it is situated in. For example, if there are big hedges or trees nearby, try moving slightly away from these as it is possible these may produce shade over the panel throughout the day.

Regularly check the solar panels for debris

The panel may become dirty over time as it is outside. We would recommend cleaning the panels with a cloth to wipe away any debris. This is to make sure nothing blocks the panel from receiving sunlight. At the same time, by wiping away anything on the panel, it can prevent this from building up and causing possible damage to the panel itself.

Avoid leaving uncharged for long periods

It is recommended to avoid leaving the lights uncharged for a long period. This is because it can affect the battery life of the lights. To resolve this, we would recommend keeping them in sunlight when possible to ensure the battery is receiving some charge. If you do need to store these away for long periods, ensure you remove the batteries if you are able, to avoid any corrosion.

Check the batteries periodically

If your solar lights have replaceable batteries, we would recommend checking these every so often. This is to check there is not any issues with the batteries, such as corrosion. You can also check these batteries and replace if necessary in the event you suspect a battery issue. Information regarding the batteries for your solar lights will be found in your user manual.

Store inside during extreme weather conditions where possible

Although solar lights are designed to be used outside, they should be stored inside during periods of extreme weather conditions. For example, harsh and strong winds. This is because the wind can physically move the lights and may risk the cables, panels, or bulbs themselves from becoming damaged.

By following our advice, you can extend the life of your solar lights. You can view our range of solar lighting here.