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Robotic Lawnmowers: Benefits of upgrading your grass-cutting game

Tech is always changing and advancing, with more options for automation being produced. Garden power is no exception, now we have robotic lawnmowers offering a new experience in caring for your lawn.  

What is a robotic lawnmower?

Robotic lawnmowers are devices that you can set up and connect to an app on your smart device and set to cut the lawn independently. Most robotic lawnmowers will have a guideline of the area it can cover which will be set by the boundary wires included. Simply provide a full charge, ensure it is paired, and control it via your app. So, what makes a robotic lawnmower stand out against a regular lawnmower? 

Time saving and convenience

The main benefit of a robotic lawnmower is the time it can save you in cutting the lawn. You don’t need to spend your time pacing around the lawn cutting it; instead, set the lawnmower up to cut the grass and you can sit back and relax.  

Consistent cutting results

If you sometimes struggle to get an even cut, then a robotic lawnmower can help with this. Whilst the models may vary, most robotic lawnmowers will have sensors to navigate the lawn and ensure cutting is even. They can usually tackle inclines too, meaning they can provide consistent cutting at different heights. 

Cutting narrow passages  

You may find manual lawnmowers can only cut larger areas like a whole lawn, and you will need to use a secondary tool such as a strimmer to get to smaller places. Robotic lawnmowers are usually much smaller meaning they can fit into narrow passages. This ensures you can give the entire lawn an even cut in one go without having to have additional garden power tools as a backup. 

Low noise and no disturbance

As robotic lawnmowers are smaller units powered by batteries, they are significantly quieter than larger petrol-powered lawnmowers. This means there is less disturbance to you and your neighbours whilst maintaining your lawn. 

Easier to maintain compared to other lawnmowers

Unlike your standard petrol lawnmower, a robotic lawnmower is far easier to maintain. Your main areas are providing a full charge, taking care of the battery and charging cable, and cleaning up the blades on the unit after use. This means no need to refill oil or replace the spark plug. Refer to your user manual for the full maintenance checks for your model. 

To summarise

Robotic lawnmowers can save you time with cutting your lawn and are easier to maintain than other methods. It is important to remember there are some things to consider with your lawnmower; if you have a larger lawn then a robotic lawnmower may not be suitable. 

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