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Grass Strimmers: Safety essentials for lawn care

If you’re looking to trim your entire lawn or simply tidy up the edges, then you may be looking to use a grass strimmer. These are devices which have a cutting head which rotates at a high speed to trim the grass. They are the perfect tool for getting a tidy and neat cut. When you use this power tool, you should be mindful of general health and safety. In this article we look at the essentials to consider when using your grass strimmer. 

Preparing the lawn before you begin

Before you begin, always prepare the area so it is appropriate to cut. Firstly, check for any debris or objects that may be within the grass. Remove these so that the strimmer does not contact them when cutting which could result in debris hitting you. 

You should also check that all parts are secure on the strimmer. This means ensuring the blades or cords are securely attached; if not, it can affect the cutting results and could result in parts falling off during operation. 

Familiarising in case of emergency

We recommend being ready in the event of an emergency and the grass strimmer needs to be switched off immediately. Be familiar with the On/Off or emergency shut off switch on the device in case you need to use it. We suggest checking your user manual for any other safety features that you may need to use. 

Equipping your protective gear

Whilst protective gear is not always necessary with all garden power tools, it is better to be protected and prepared. You can use the following gear to stay protected: 

  • Safety goggles or glasses to cover your eyes from grass clippings or debris. 
  • Ear protection to protect from the loud noise from the strimmer. 
  • Gloves to protect your hands from debris that may come from cutting. 
  • Wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet. This means no sandals. 
  • Avoid any loose clothing or jewellery which could get caught in moving parts.

Operating safely

Once everything has been checked over, it is time to use the strimmer. Always ensure you operate safely, being aware of yourself, the strimmer, and your surroundings. As general advice, hold the strimmer firmly with both hands when handling. You should position the cutting blades to the ground, away from your body to provide better control of the strimmer and general safety. Do not operate a strimmer in a high traffic area with bystanders, and instead wait until the area is empty to begin cutting. 


To overview

Grass strimmers are great for cutting the lawn, but safety should be prioritised when using. Remember to prepare the area, familiarise yourself with your device, wear protective gear, and operate safely. 

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