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Garden Sheds: Prepping for shed placement

If you’re considering a garden shed or have just ordered one, you may be wondering how to get the area ready to place the shed. Don’t worry – whilst placing and building may seem daunting, it is achievable and takes a bit of planning. In this article we look at the main points to consider when prepping for garden shed placement and creating a shed base. 

Why is a shed base important?

Having a solid shed base or foundation makes a huge difference in keeping your shed sturdy and lasting long. Sheds will require a secure base when standing which reduce the risk of alignment issues and warping from incorrect positioning. Over time, this can also protect the shed from developing water damage at the bottom. Without prepping, you put your shed at risk. 

Deciding where to position the shed.

The first part aspect of positioning the shed is to confirm if the size is suitable. If the space is too small, then the shed will simply not fit in the space.  

From this, it is also important to consider accessibility. The shed door will need to be easily accessed and there should be spacing on each side. Similarly, if the shed has windows be sure to allow spacing around the windows so they can be opened fully if necessary. 

You should also avoid slopes and unstable ground. A flat service is ideal, as a slanted surface will be unsuitable and can prevent the shed from being sturdy and stable. 


Preparing the ground. 

The idea of preparing the ground is to check it is completely level and secure to provide a stable surface for the shed. As a rule, the base of the shed should be larger on all sides than the shed floor. Depending on the size of the shed, you may want to have the spacings at least 50cm larger on all sides than the shed itself. 

We recommend checking there are not any pipes or cabling in the area you are prepping. If you notice any, then you may need to reconsider the location and prep a different area. 

For the ground and base, you can either opt for wooden beams, concrete, slabs or even a treated shed base. We recommend checking any information on your shed for the recommended base to get the sturdiest structure. 


Gathering tools and resources. 

The last thing before you build is to check you have all the tools and resources you may need. You may need items such as hammers and screwdrivers to fully assemble. 

Similarly, you may need additional people to help assemble the shed. Most sheds will require at least 2 people for assembly to hold parts together as you attach them. We suggest checking the manufacturer recommendations often found on the product page for a rough idea of how many people you will need. 

Ready to build?

Once you have decided on the location, prepared the ground, and gathered all necessary tools and resources you should be ready to begin building the shed. Remember, read any instructions thoroughly so you can get the shed set up correctly. 

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