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Garden Power: Maintaining a healthy lawn with tech

If your garden is your pride and glory, you’ll be wanting to do your very best to keep it healthy and well-maintained. There is various tech available to help with this, such as scarifiers and electric lawnrakers. Scarifiers and lawnrakers are tools that help to break up the surface soil and prepare the ground for healthy lawn growth. Both tools do the same sort of thing although it’s considered that a scarifier is more invasive to the lawn, as it tends to dig deeper into the soil than a raker. Many models are also available that can perform both tasks. 

In this article, we highlight some ways in which this tech can help to maintain a healthy lawn. 

Tidies up and removes thatch and moss

Firstly, you can use a scarifier to remove thatch. This is organic matter like dead roots, moss and grass that can build up on top of soil. It is important to remove this as the build-up can prevent the grass roots from getting water and nutrients. You may also wish to remove this to keep your lawn tidy.  

Breaks up the soil and improves soil aeration

Another benefit of scarifying is that it helps to break up and loosen soil. As a result, it means there is better air circulation, known as aeration. Over time, soil can become compacted due to general foot traffic on the surface but luckily a scarifier can fix this. This is important in the soil as it helps for essential elements to pass through the soil into the roots. 

Enhances water absorption for the roots

Using a scarifier or rake also helps the soil and roots to absorb water. This is because it loosens the soil and reduces the chance of water running off the soil instead. As a result of scarifying, it means the water is more likely to go deep into the soil. This is important as absorbing water is a key part of the photosynthesis process. 

Encourages seed germination and root growth

By loosening the soil with garden power tech, you can help to encourage root growth. This is because it reduces the competition against thatch and ensures the roots can get the nutrients they need. Loosening the soil also helps the roots to grow strong and spread further. This promotes better seed germination to ensure your plants have a healthy growth. 

How to best use a scarifier

To get the best results, begin by clearing the area of any bigger debris such as stubborn twigs and hard roots. Then, take a systematic approach by working on each area with the scarifier. Depending on thickness of the soil,depth of grass and how much you want to disturb the surface, you may need to adjust the cutting length and setting to work effectively. After scarifying, reseed the lawn and water lightly to continue to promote growth. 

To recap

Overall, you can utilise your garden power tech to keep your lawn healthy and green. Use scarifiers and electric lawnrakers to remove thatch, improve the soil aeration, and enhance the water absorption to encourage root growth. 

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