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Camping essentials for your summer adventures

Whether you’re planning a weekend out in nature or a weekend at a fun festival, you may be looking to try some camping. You may have the basics sorted, but if you’re not sure what tech to bring, we’ve got you covered. In this article we have highlighted some essential tech to bring on your camping trip. 

Mobile phones

In today’s world, mobile phones are quite important to connect with one another. When camping, having a mobile on you is essential for navigation. GPS and map apps help to plan routes and stay on track. They are also important for communicating with family, friends, or emergency services if required. When camping, having your phone on you can also allow you to check for weather updates or other essential information to help you on your camping trip. 

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Portable Power banks

Power banks are great for everyday use, but more so when you’re out and about camping. They help you to extend the device usage of your tech by keeping them charged and functional throughout your trip. This is particularly important for any emergency situations, as they essentially provide an emergency backup of power for your devices. 

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Inflatable airbed 

Why settle for a sleeping bad when you can add comfort with an airbed? You can use an inflatable airbed with a manual pump in your tent. These are ideal as they provide a comfortable sleeping surface compared to directly on the ground. They also provide a layer of insulation from the ground which helps to keep warm at night. Click here for our tips on how to look after your air bed.

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Camping table and chair 

A camping table and chair is also essential to bring with you. These are usually foldable and allow you to set up a comfortable place to sit and relax at the campsite rather than on the ground. This is also important for having somewhere suitable to eat and socialise with your fellow campmates.

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Camping stoves and cookers 

When you’re camping you will need to ensure you’re still eating and drinking. An easy way to get hot beverages and meals is through a camping stove or cooker. You can boil water and cook simple meals at ease. You can usually connect these via an electrical power source like a portable generator or without electricity by using fuel like propane or butane. 

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Camping light 

Bringing a camping light with you is important to help you to navigate in the dark. This is essential to prevent accidents by illuminating hazards and making the area visible. 

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Water carriers and containers 

Staying hydrated is important, even when it feels like enjoying the camping trip takes priority. Stay well hydrated by using a heavy-duty water carrier; these can fill large quantities of water so you can have plenty available by your side. 

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Anything else? 

Of course, there may be other things you want to bring on your camping trip to make your experience more enjoyable. Why not take some additional storage for extra items or add some solar powered fairy lights to create a cosy camping atmosphere? 

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