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Vacuum Support: Maintaining the floor head

We often forget that our cleaning appliances need cleaning themselves. The household vacuum is a great example of this. If you are experiencing any performance issues or haven’t cleaned the appliance in a while, then the floor head is a great place to start. 

Why cleaning the floor head matters 

The floor head is the part of the vacuum which suctions off the floor. Each model will vary, but usually they contain a rotating brush bar to help collect the dirt, and a belt which helps to turn the brush bar. 

Cleaning the floor head plays a huge part in keeping your appliance lasting long, not to mention helping to provide great cleaning results. As vacuums suction through the floor head into the dust container, any blockages that collect in the head will ultimately prevent dirt from reaching the dust container. This means it will fall back onto the floor. Similarly, entanglements – such as hair - around the brush bar can prevent the bar from turning. This stops effective suctioning. 

How to clean the floor head 

When you start cleaning the floor head, ensure the vacuum is switched off and unplugged. We firstly recommend wiping down any obvious signs of debris from the exterior. Then depending on your model, unscrew the base to expose the floor brush bar, for more information on how to do this check your instruction manual.  

This will allow you to check for any blockages or debris. You may find an immediate blockage which you can remove with ease. Once this has been checked and cleaned, it’s time to move onto the belt and the roller bar. 


Inspecting and replacing the belt 

The belt in the floor head is critical to the operation of the roller as it enables the roller’s movement, which contributes to effective cleaning. Over time, the belt can wear out or become damaging which can negatively impact the vacuum’s performance. Signs of this wearing out can be a loss of suction, abnormal noises, or visible wear.  

To resolve this, you will need to replace the belt. You should refer to your user manual for specific instructions. The required belts will vary by model, but they may be available directly from the manufacturer or you may need to purchase one using the specifications in your instruction manual. You can view our generic video on how to change the belt and brush roller on an upright vacuum here. 


Detangling and maintaining the roller 

The brush bar roller itself is important to the operation of the floor head. This can often accumulate hair and debris through vacuuming, which in effect can cause a blockage. This means that paying attention to the roller is essential when cleaning. 

To clean the roller, you may need to physically cut away any entanglements, ensuring to avoid cutting the bristles themselves. This can be done with the roller in the vacuum, or removed, but your instruction manual will specify the best procedure. 


You can easily maintain the efficacy of your vacuums suction and performance by looking after your vacuum’s floor head. and roller, even replacing the belt if necessary. If you are unsure how to do it on your specific model, please refer to your user manual or contact the relevant support team. 

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