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Vacuum Support: How to solve vacuum charging issues

Cordless vacuum cleaners are all the rage. Offering cord-free technology, the cordless vacuum can allow you to use your vacuum all over the house without getting tangled up in the power cord. Naturally, the battery charge will run out sometimes, and a new charge will be required. If you’ve ever experienced times where it isn’t charging at all, follow these steps to get it up and running again! 

Check the full charge time

Firstly, check if the vacuum has been charged for the full charge time. The charging time will vary by your model; however it will usually display indicator lights. These lights show if the vacuum is still charging or if a full charge has been received. Wait until a full charge has been received, using the lights and the timings advised in the manual, before operating the vacuum. 

Try a different plug socket

If it is still not receiving a full charge, try alternative mains plug socket. This is to rule out any issues with the socket itself not providing full power to charge. We recommend avoiding extension sockets as these may not provide full power. 

Inspect the charging port

We recommend inspecting the charging port and cable for any dirt that may have accumulated. This is because the dirt may block the contacts from connecting properly to charge. We would recommend brushing away any debris with a soft cloth and gently blowing on the cable and port to remove anything. 

Check for any damage to the cable

If you notice any visible imperfections or damage to the cable, you may need to replace the charging cable. Your user manual may state where a new cable can be purchased from, or you can contact the support team directly to get more information on this. 

Fully clean the vacuum and remove blockages

We also recommend checking the vacuum has been cleaned. You may find the vacuum is not turning on when fully charged due to blockages preventing it from starting. In this case, remove the filters and clean them, and remove any blockages in the floor head and any accessories. 

Support summary

You can use these simple steps to get your vacuum charged again so you can keep your home clean. For more information please refer to your manual or consult the relevant support team.