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Vacuum Support: HEPA filter technology explained

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters are a specific type of filters found in most vacuums produced nowadays. They are generally made of pleated, small fibreglass fibres which are interwoven to make a filtration system. The way in which they work is that when the air passes through the vacuum filter, the big particles get trapped inside the filter.

What are the benefits of this filter?

  • Efficient cleaning

The main benefit of HEPA filters is their efficiency with cleaning. The pleated design easily traps particle, helping to give a thorough clean.

  • Removes allergens

With the filtration design, the filter is beneficial for those with allergies. The filter can capture small particles and keeps the air clean.

  • Easy vacuum maintenance

Rather than removing a vacuum bag and risk dust spilling, HEPA filters make vacuum maintenance easier. The dust compartment can be removed and the HEPA filter taken out with ease. The majority of dirt and debris will remain in the filter itself, and any excess can be poured out of the container.

  • Replaceable part

If your HEPA filter becomes worn over time, or it is lost, you can usually replace this by purchasing it from the manufacturer or purchasing a universal filter to fit in your vacuum. This means you can continue using your vacuum.

How to care for HEPA filters?

  • Shake off dust and debris

After each use, it is recommended to remove the filter and shake off any dust and debris. This is easily done by simply tapping the filter inside a bin which will remove the dirt.

  • Clean with warm soapy water

Every few months, you should give your filters a clean with warm, soapy water. This is to remove any build-up of dirt and ensures your filters are kept clean. The timeframe between cleaning and specific cleaning instructions for your filter will be in your user manual.

  • Allow to dry

It is important to allow the filter to fully dry before inserting back into the vacuum. This is as the cleaning will not be efficient when wet as the air cannot pass through correctly. It is also may cause internal issues as the vacuum should not be operated when wet.

To summarise

Overall, HEPA filters are great for their ability to provide a thorough clean. With the increased popularity, you are likely to find this filtration system in most vacuums on the market. You can browse all of our vacuum cleaners and floor care here.