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  • Brand: Citizen
  • Catalogue number: 239/5706
  • Manufacturer's number: BL5472-01E

Citizen Watches

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01189 368860 +44 1189 368860
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Pull the crown out one click, and set the 6 oclock subdial to TME. Pull the crown one more click anp press the top button. The second hand will turn to 12 oclock. When the crown is pressed back in, the second hand will start from 12 oclock.

Remember Citizen Eco-Drive watches are light powered and most likely just need a charge. Firstly expose your watch to light, your Eco-Drive needs light to operate correctly. While any kind of light will charge your watch, it can take extended periods of time with normal or indoor” lighting. In this instance, if your Eco-drive has completely stopped we recommend charging by exposing your watch to direct sunlight.

If you need to adjust this watch, when you pull out the crown, nothing will change on the watch until you press the top right hand button. When you press this button, the second hand should go to 12 oclock and the hands should move. You can then set the time by turning the crown clockwise (to move the time forward) or anticlockwise (to move the time backwards), and turn it again to stop the hands moving. If you just want to change the time, you can then press the crown back in when you have moved the hands to the correct time.

This watch can show the correct date for every month and for leap years, provided it is set correctly. Check the manual or the link shown here for calendar setting instructions.

This is a Chronograph watch with three dials. The seconds are shown on the 6 oclock sub dial. The large second hand is used like a stopwatch, and can be started and stopped by pressing the top right hand button. You can leave the large second hand running like a nonchronograph second hand. Pressing the lower button will reset the large second hand.

This watch has four removable links either side of the clasp, which can be taken out by a Jeweller to adjust the size of the bracelet. Be sure to keep the links and pins that are removed, in case you need to adjust the bracelet again.

How-to videos

  • How Eco-Drive Charges Your Battery

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