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Wireless Headphones: Simple solutions

Wireless headphones are quickly becoming a necessary accessory for smart devices. Whether it’s for a work call, or for some music whilst you walk, we want these headphones to be working correctly at all times. There may be times when you have your headphones in, the audio stops, and the headphones beep to indicate they’ve powered off. This is usually due to them unpairing or losing battery. Here are some simple solutions to fix problems with your wireless headphones.

Reboot: Turn the headphones off and on.

A simple tip to bring life back to your headphones it by turning off and on. If your headphones have suffered a minor malfunction, they may have turned off so pressing the button to turn off and on may rectify the issue.

Recharge: Provide a full charge.

Sometimes, a simple recharge can bring your headphones back to life. Plug them in to charge, wait the required charging time, and try the headphones again. If you’re using wireless ear buds, they will charge via the supplied charging case. However, the charging case itself may run out of charge meaning if you put them back in the case they will cease to charge. In this scenario, return the ear buds back into the case and allow the case to perform a full charge; this will charge the case and then the ear buds. 


Unpair: Disconnect from any other paired devices.

The headphones may not be operating with your smartphone if they have accidentally paired themselves to the wrong device. If you’ve used the headphones on another nearby device previously, it may have automatically connected with this. Try opening the connected device, disconnecting, and repairing with your smartphone.

Reconnect: Check another audio device has not connected to your smartphone.

When your headphones unpair, it is possible that another audio device may have connected to your smartphone which has disconnected your headphones. To check and rectify this, open the Bluetooth list on your smartphone and disconnect from any other devices, and then reconnect to the desired headphones.

Clean: Remove debris from the ear buds or headphones.

Every now and again, it is recommended to clean your ear buds. This can be done by using a cotton bud, or a suitable equivalent, to wipe away any debris on the ear buds or connection points. The reason for this is that a build-up of debris may block the connections and prevent the ear buds from charging fully. It is important to note that you should never submerge your headphones in water or use any detergent as this can damage the product.

Restore: Perform a factory reset.

You are likely to find your headphones have a factory reset which can be performed by holding down a series of buttons, or pressing a button in a particular sequence. This will reset the headphones. You can find this information in your user manual or by contacting the relevant support team.

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